Preparing your Home for Asphalt Resurfacing


Parking lot asphalt resurfacing is when a thin layer of asphalt is added onto an existing parking lot’s paved surface. In order to have a paved area resurfaced, the area must be structurally sound and any abnormalities, like soft spots or large cracks, must be repaired prior to the resurfacing. A qualified contractor should thoroughly inspect the paved area to ensure that asphalt resurfacing is the right choice to extending the life of the parking lot.  Learn more

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When a contractor inspects the parking lot, they will look for issues not only with the paved area’s surface, but also look for both sub-base material or drainage issues. Any problems that arise from the inspection will need to be corrected in order to proceed with the parking lot asphalt resurfacing. If the problems are to numerous or the structural integrity of the parking lot has been diminished by either time or poor initial installation, the contractor may advise that the parking lot be completely repaved.. This would include removing the asphalt that is currently paving the parking lot.

If the contractor finds no major problems and decides that a parking lot asphalt resurfacing will be effective, the parking lot will be prepped. The parking lot will first be cleaned and any low spots in the area will be filled and leveled to ensure that the final product will be long lived. Next, the contractor will address any drainage issues that can arise from the additional height that the parking lot asphalt resurfacing project will add to the grade of the existing parking lot.

Every parking lot will have its own unique set of circumstances that can alter the course taken by the contractor. If a parking lot has a sloped entry from a street, the area of the ramp may need to be removed and reworked in order to provide an adequate transition from the parking lot to the street. There are many other factors that can change the amount work required to perform the resurfacing correctly.

Upon completion of the resurfacing project, the parking lot will look like new. To ensure that the parking lot resurfacing continues to look good and last for a long time, it is important to have a proper maintenance plan. A proper maintenance plan will allow the investment of a resurfacing project to last and continue to look good for many years to come.

Parking Lots and Disabilities

You know all those blue signs and stripes of blue paint that make you park in the area of the parking lot further away from your destination? Those are the result of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA stipulates that a certain number of parking spaces must be provided for individuals with disabilities. It specifies that the parking spaces for disabled individuals must be located with the shortest route from the parking lot to the entrance of the establishment. If the building has multiple entrances, the spaces may be dispersed to be closest to each accessible entrance to the building. Accessible spaces must also be 96 inches wide to allow extra room for maneuvering in and out of the vehicle. And the blue paint is not enough. The Americans with Disabilities Act also requires the placement of signs at accessible parking spaces, placed such that they cannot be obscured by a vehicle parked in the space.

So why do we have the ADA and all these rules it applies to parking lots? It’s to accommodate the needs of disabled individuals and increase the accessibility of things that non-disabled individuals take for granted. It shortens their path from parking lot to store, it tries to ensure that no one parks so close to their vehicle that they cannot get in and out of it, and it makes being out and about safer for these individuals. You’ve had someone park so close to your car that you couldn’t get the door open and climb in, right? Just imagine trying to deal with that situation while in a wheelchair, or using a walker. If you can barely squeeze between your vehicle and the next with an able body, how would someone with an assistive device manage to get into their vehicle? They wouldn’t. That’s why the Americans with Disabilities Act has provisions about parking lots and regulates the size and location of the parking spaces to prevent situations that would be difficult for disabled patrons.

Next time you complain about having to park further away from the store and walk through the rain or snow, remind yourself how healthy you are and how difficult life would be if you were disabled and we didn’t have the Americans with Disabilities Act. Many of us don’t consider how daunting every day tasks can be when a person is disabled.