beautiful custom designed round mirror

Customization of Bathroom Mirrors


A bathroom mirror is something inevitable in everyone’s house since it’s an integral part of daily grooming sessions. Besides, the way you place a mirror tells a lot about your personality as well. Hanging a mirror is like an art you must master to use it for creating a decorative look to your bathroom!

You may be unaware of the rules of installing a mirror but you can easily find the flaws if the mirror is not fit in proportion. But, searching for the mirror specifically made for your bathroom is bothersome and most importantly fruitless since the manufacturers always prepare them based on some standard measurements. Thus, it will be a better to choose a mirror style first and then customize it according to your requirement.


Some Creative Custom Mirror Ideas:

You have lots of options but choosing the perfect custom made mirror in Sydney will depend on its structure & decorative features and their compatibility with the theme you’re looking for. Here are some ideas that can help you bring a stylish vibe to your bathroom:-



  • Double mirrors- You don’t necessarily have to hang double mirrors only in the cases of multiple sinks. If you use two mirrors, one above the sink and another above the dressing table, it will create a unique aesthetic look and a xeroxed focal point in your bathroom.


  • Multiple mirrors- When you place multiple mirrors in your bathroom, it gives a delusional effect along with an excellent light reflection from the chandelier. You can intensify the effect with beveled mirrors.


  • Tall mirrors- If your bathroom is a bit narrow, placing tall mirrors on the vanity wall can add height to its appearance. The use of wood frames in these mirrors create an illusion of length and width that makes your bathroom look more spacious than before.


Making The Custom-Size Mirror For Your Bathroom:

Follow these steps advised by to measure the appropriate size of your custom mirror so that you can decide on how big or small the mirror should be:-


  • At first, use a measuring tape to calculate the space required to install the mirror. If you’re installing it above a vanity, make sure the mirror size doesn’t exceed its size. Consider the size of the frame while taking the measurement so that you have a perfectly fit vanity mirror.


  • It’s important to notice the location of the window if you want the natural light to be reflected from the bathroom mirror. It not only brightens up the room but also makes it look resplendent.


  • Cut a piece of paper having the same size of your mirror and tape it to the wall where you’ll finally install the mirror. It helps you visualize the end result and scrutinize the design.

Once you’re done with these steps positively, you can go to the final step of hanging the mirror. It will decrease the chance of redoing the whole process and ensure the best possible customization of the mirror.