How Do You Locate a Removalist?


Start to look for removalists as soon as you know your moving date. From May to August, is the most popular time for moving house and the busiest time for movers. Don’t delay the search or your options will be few.

Consult your dealer. Dealers can often recommend reliable removalists or recommend reputable moving firms to save you time and money.

Thumb through the Yellow Pages, this valuable directory lists many well-established national removal firms.

Professional removalists often tweet about offering competitive quotes to remain ahead of the game. Most large movers have comprehensive websites. These sites provide advice, information and telephone numbers of local movers and their head office.

People working for a company with a corporate relocation department should approach them and ask for a list of honest and trustworthy movers.

Of course, on the other hand, you can always ask family, friends and neighbors about moving services, however, this source may not be as dependable. Contact five different movers and ask them for a quote. Don’t forget to check their references.

Ask them if they move items like pianos and antiques or do you need to contact a specialist moving firm. Some movers are unable to move baby grand pianos; in fact, you may have to contact a licensed piano mover to transport your piano.

Inquire if moving on a public holiday or a weekend costs more. Ask if the movers charge extra for moving items up and down stairs.

Moving estimates are based on a number of factors. For instance, the number of movers required for the job, the movers hourly rate of pay and the size of the load. You should ask how many movers are needed; an estimate of moving time and how many trucks are required.

On receipt of the estimate, it is time to check references. Then it is time to choose your mover. Remember to choose your mover on service, not cost.

In general, you will pay a deposit. The deposit usually amounts to ten percent of the total moving cost. Movers are generally paid the balance in full before unloading the truck.

It is wise to ask a trustworthy friend to help you on moving day. After all, you cannot be in two places at once. You will have to supervise the move both ends and deal with the movers questions.

Make a moving checklist. Make sure the removalists work according to agreement and complain to the team manager or office foreman if the move doesn’t go as planned.