professional landscaping ideas

Professional Landscapers Vs. Do-it-Yourself Landscape


When planning a landscape project for your home you must consider whether it is a project you can complete or whether you need to hire a professional. Consider whether the area you plan to landscape is large or small.

If the area seems too large for you to tackle alone, you may want to consider hiring some professional help. If that is not an option, you could break the project up into smaller more manageable pieces and work on one at a time until the entire area is complete. Start with an overall plan for the yard or flower bed and then work on it in sections.

professional landscaping ideas

There are also more technical aspects to consider like drainage. If you do not understand how rain water drains in the area you are looking to landscape all your hard work could be washed away in one downpour.

Professional landscapers know how to measure these things and can install retaining walls or other features to prevent landscaping from washing out. These hardscapes may be beyond the capabilities of the average homeowner.

If you are determined to install the landscape yourself, you need to put time into researching the best plants for your environment and soil type. Also, consider the look you want to create with your landscape. You may prefer flowering plants and shrubs over evergreens. You may want a low maintenance landscape design because of your busy schedule.

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Your research will give you the types of plantings that will fit your design and level of upkeep. If you prefer flowering plants during each season then you need to stagger the plantings so that your garden or flower beds will continually have colorful blooms most of the year. Flowers, shrubs, and trees need to be planted with plenty of room to mature as well.

Read the planting instructions carefully and know the mature height and spread before arranging plants in a space. If you plant them too close to each other the area will appear crowded. Some may even die from lack of water or from being overtaken by a larger shrub or flower.

Planting instructions will also tell you how much sun and water that plant needs. Keep this in mind and make sure you know how much sun the yard or flower bed you are working in gets during the course of the day.

If all of these considerations seem overwhelming or just will not fit in your schedule, then a consulting with a professional company is probably what you want to consider. They will be able to take your preferences and ideas into account and then create the perfect landscape for your yard.

They will know how to plan for the environment and soil as well as how to plant shrubs and flowers in a way that they will thrive. During your planning with the landscaper be very specific in how much time you want to spend in the upkeep of the newly landscaped area.

Also, be very detailed in how you want the final outcome to look. The more detail you give them, the better equipped they are to create the perfect landscape for you.