10 Amazing Primitive Fishing Techniques

10 awesome primitive fishing techniques

Prehistoric people used primitive fishing to get their iodine fix before there were any seafood restaurants. This hack could prove to be your survival tool in a desperate situation.

You can save your life by learning new tricks.

Unconventional Methods To Catch Fish| Unconventional Methods To Catch Fish

Here are some primitive fishing hacks that will keep you alive

1. Primitive fishing with your hand

Open-mouthed large pike with drops of running water in the fisherman's hand-primitive fishing

This is considered one of the oldest fishing methods. Hand fishing is an excellent backcountry technique.

This method is efficient and can be used without any tools.

Three Steps to Hand Fishing:

Step 1. Step 1.



Catfish prefer dark areas such as holes and hollow logs to hunt.

Step 2. Step 2.

In this instance, the bait is your fingers that you will use to imitate worms.

Step 3. Step 3. Grab the Target.

Simply grab the fish and hold it.

Note: The catfish’s spiky barbells could wound your hands. Release your grip as soon as the catfish is secured on the shore.

2. Primitive fishing with a spear

man fishes with a spear in a lake-primitive fishing

Spear fishing is an ancient method of fishing. While spears are not difficult to craft, they require skill to be used for catching fish.

Spears can only be effective against certain fish types. Also, you need to take into account the environment for fishing.

A spear can be used to catch fish in shallow water with good cover. This allows you eyeball your target and avoid being seen.

3. Primitive fishing using hooks

Underwater shot of the fisherman holding the fish-primitive fishing

In the Neolithic age, hooks were first used to catch fish. Hooks can easily be made using materials that are readily available in their environment.

These include wood, bone and even thorns of plants like cactus. For this primitive fishing technique, banks must have heavy cover.

It is crucial that the water be deep enough to reach the bank. This will enable you to cast your hook and cordage to catch the lure.

There are two main methods of catching fish with hooks.

The fishing line and hook are attached to a bamboo pole or wooden stick.

From an elevated location, a handheld line can be lowered into deep waters.

Pro Tip: Primitive fishing hooks don’t have barbs. It is important to catch your catch in the lip, then quickly flip it out from the water.

4. Primitive fishing using fish traps

Bamboo fish trap-primitive fishing

If you’re looking for an easier fishing method, then traps are your best bet. This primitive fishing method is also very effective at catching crabs and lobsters.

This is the best option for fishermen who fish in narrow areas of rivers or other water bodies. This is a great way to catch salmons and other bottom-feeders.

You can create fish traps with any materials, such as bamboo, twigs or tree barks. The contraption is placed on the desired spot. You return to the area after a few hours, or even overnight, for the catch.

5. Primitive fishing by striking

fishing in an unusual way-primitive fishing

If tools are not readily available, you can use primitive fishing techniques instead. You don’t need hooks, spears, or any other tools.

Grab a huge rock or a heavy wooden club and you’re good to go. This method is simple, but it works well for catching large fish in shallow water.

Spearfishing is a skill that requires a lot practice. You need it to survive.

6. Primitive fishing by Stunning

dead fish floated near the river-primitive fishing techniques

Fishing with poisons, which is illegal in certain places, is one of the primitive methods to catch fish. Our ancestors used natural poison extracts to stun their catch.

To make poison, they use a variety of fruits, roots, leaves, seeds, and seeds. The poison stuns fishes float in still water and is yours to take.

Mullein seeds or black walnut are the two most commonly used natural poisons. This purpose can be achieved by more North American native plants.

Two important considerations in stun fishing:

This practice is prohibited in many countries. Be sure to check the local laws before you start fishing.

To remove any toxins, make sure you thoroughly clean your fish before you cook it.

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7. Primitive fishing with a net

Silhouette Fisherman Fishing Nets on the boat-primitive fishing techniques

In ancient Greece, the Greeks raved about how nets could fish for men while they were asleep. This primitive fishing method is similar to trapping but requires less specialized skills.

Unlike spearfishing, for instance, this method doesn’t take time to master. You only need to cast the net in the water and you’re set.

It is difficult to find the best location for fishing. Sometimes, you may even need to swim or dive to catch the fish.

This technique is most effective in shallow waters. Although a single person can fish with the net, larger catch volumes require multiple hands.

8. Primitive Fishing with Kites

While kite fishing might sound strange to most people, it is actually a method that dates back to Ancient Polynesia. This primitive fishing method was born out necessity.

Normal fishing is difficult because of the treacherous reefs that surround the Polynesian Islands. The local fishermen had to come up with a new way to fish.

A simple kite fishing device is all you need. It consists of a simple gadget with fishing lines and sails. The sails are made out of banana leaves or spiderwebs.

The contraption could be left floating in the sea water by fisherman. It would be used to lure fish by securing baits beneath the water surface.

9. Primitive fishing on Ice

Happy fisherman on a lake at winter sunny day with fish-primitive fishing techniques

It is not known when ice fishing first became popular. However, this primitive fishing method was discovered by North Americans.

This technique, like kite fishing was also developed out of necessity. People living in subzero temperatures had to learn how to poke holes in the ice in order to fish.

Three main ice fishing techniques:

Fishing rods are lowered by fishermen who make holes in the ice.

The ice hole is covered with a wooden contraption with hook and bait.

Similar to traditional spearfishing, but fishermen use decoy fish instead of real catch.

Pro Tip:The thickness of ice varies across the globe, making this a dangerous fishing technique. You must first examine the frozen topography before you dive in.

10. Primitive fishing with Otters

Giant Otter eating fish in the water-primitive fishing techniques

This is undoubtedly the most unique primitive fishing technique. Otters, once tamed, are great fishing partners.

Humans have used these animals to catch fish since at least the sixth century AD. They caught plenty of fish. A bevy of otters were used to lure fish into traps.

You need to keep them all on a leash. Otter fishing is still an acceptable practice in certain areas of Bangladesh.

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The future is uncertain and we must develop survival skills to survive. This is an effective way to prepare for the worst. Knowledge is power.

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