11 Camping in the Rain Survival Life Tips

A downpour can be a disappointment during a camping trip. With these in-depth tips for camping in the rain, however, you don’t have to pack and leave just yet.

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11 sure-fire tips for camping in the rain

1st layer on

A well-layered system of the right camping rainwear will help you regulate your core body temperature by wicking away moisture during activity and retaining body heat while relaxing.

Therefore, it is helpful to choose a wool or polyester base and intermediate layers under your rain poncho or jacket. This is important because cotton stays wet, which can cause your body temperature to drop quickly.

Tip: Remember to pack an extra set of woolen socks and vests in a dry bag to both hang out and sleep in your camp.

2. Opt for light-colored camping clothing

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Wearing bright colors ensures you won’t be confused with waterfowl or deer, which is likely to happen if there is hunting near your campsite and this is during the rainy season. Their urban coloring won’t make your eyes stand out or make you visible outdoors, especially in a drizzle.

3. Find the right place for your tent

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It is also of the utmost importance to choose a campsite on an elevated area that is not on a lake or river. The last thing you want is to wake up to several inches of water after a downpour. In addition, the fact that you are on raised ground removes you from the paths of flash floods that can occur.

Note: Never store under a tree. This is because the water continues to drip long after the rain has stopped. The wet and weak branches can easily injure you if they are blown away by the wind at night.

4. Pack a bivouac sack

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With a bivouac sack with your sleeping bag, you will stay warm when camping in the rain. The extra layer of insulation helps maintain your body temperature by protecting your sleeping bag from moisture.

In addition to an additional bivouac sack, a sleeping mat also contributes to insulation and keeps you warm.

Note: Make sure you keep your face open as inhaling into the sleeping bag can cause the down insulation to get wet and therefore inadequate.

Tip: However, synthetic sleeping bags also provide insulation when they are wet.

5. Light the camp

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Lights are a great way to enhance the ambience under a tree canopy or tarpaulin. So pack some LED fairy lights to drape your campsite. Also, be sure to bring some candles, flashlights, and a good camping lantern.

Note: Remember to pack enough lithium batteries as they are particularly reliable in cold weather.

Tip: Putting reflectors on trees near your campsite will help you find your way back to camp if you return in the dark.

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6. Eat up

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A big part of staying warm while camping in the rain is getting in as many calories as possible. The human body needs enough energy to maintain its core temperature. As a result, hot cocoa and any Dutch oven recipes you have will go a long way. You can throw in some vegetables but be prepared before going to camp.

Tip: Aztec hot cocoa with chili also helps maintain your body temperature.

7. Make an outdoor living room

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Rain doesn’t have to make your camping expedition boring. You can still have fun by extending your time outdoors. Create an outdoor living room by stringing at least two overhead traps and one on the floor. Next, set up your camping chairs, tables, lights, snacks, and brews before starting games and music.

8. Warm clothes

Check out 11 tips to help you camp in the rain: https://survivallife.com/camping-in-the-rain-tips/

Nothing beats a chilly morning than wearing warm clothes. To do this, pack your tomorrow’s clothes in a small breathable bag and stow it in your sleeping bag so that it stays warm on your body overnight. This way you have pre-warmed clothes in the morning.

9. Hang up wet clothes

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You might be tempted to toss your wet clothes in a corner, but it will be much more helpful if you hang them up to dry. Thread a clothesline under the vestibule of your tent or a tarpaulin and hang up wet clothes to dry. Even if you don’t want to wear them again, you won’t end up with damp clothing that smells like mold.

10. Turn your water bottle upside down

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Nobody wants to wake up with a frozen water bottle. To avoid this, turn your water bottle upside down when you fall asleep. This helps because water usually freezes from the top and in this case the bottom of the water bottle freezes first so you have a few sips for the morning.

Tip: Do this every time you sleep as you may be too sleepy to notice temperatures drop below freezing.

11. Pack a pair of gaiters

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Without wearing rain pants or gaiters to complement your regular pants, you run the risk of getting your camping gear wet, or worse, getting drenched. Gaiters therefore help to keep you and your clothes dry.

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Outdoor activities require the expertise to survive in nature and make the most of any situation you find yourself in. Thankfully, these tips add to that wisdom and make your camping in the rain a little funnier and more bearable. Have fun camping!

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