11 Underrated Survival Skills You Should Know in the Urban Area

11 underrated survival skills you should know in the urban

Conventional survival skills are usually designed to match life in the country. However, misfortune hits everywhere, so learning these survival skills is deemed necessary.

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Urban survival skill sets that most people overlook

1. Water detection

When a disaster occurs in an urban area, water supply is one of the first services to go down.

After everything has calmed down, keep your head straight and look for water. This is much needed as your mind and body function harder when you are dehydrated. Look for lakes, ponds, city fountains, or other water sources nearby.

In the absence of conventional water sources, you could look for alternatives like plants, fruits, or even moisture from containers. However, before consuming water from these sources, make sure that you purify it.

2. Water purificationHome improvement.  Filter river water for lean survival skill sets

What’s the use of finding water if you can’t drink it? Because of this, in addition to finding water, you need to learn how to make it potable. There are various options available to you to make water drinkable.

However, we would only focus on methods that can be performed in less than ideal scenarios:

  • Use cleaning tablets. It’s important to always have them ready in your bug-out bag.
  • You can also use bleach. Just the right amount is enough to kill harmful bacteria in the water.
  • The easiest cleaning method is cooking.

3. Foraging for foodView into a humane mousetrap cage with crackers for Bait-Humane Catch-Survival Skills

Aside from finding water, one of the biggest problems you face in times of need is food intake. In times of crisis, businesses are most likely to be closed or, worse, looted by mobs of starving people. Conventional food sources would therefore be a no-go.

In this situation, rely on your caveman instinct. You need to relearn how to hunt and gather food. In an urban setting, hunting means looking for available fauna that is edible, such as pigeons, ducks, and fish.

You can invent makeshift traps and make improvised hunting weapons from basic materials. Crates and shopping carts are excellent materials for traps. Wires, rods and the inside of rubber tires, on the other hand, can be made into excellent bows and arrows. Our ancestors did more with less, so we have no excuses.

4. Search for accommodationIncredible Cold War era building.  60 meters underground shelter - survival skill sets

You won’t find caves or fallen trees in urban areas. But in the absence of these natural habitats, you will immediately have plenty of vacant accommodations to inhabit.

The possibilities are endless. You can build a shelter out of boxes and cardboard. If you want to live on something a little more stable, you can crouch on abandoned buildings. Don’t think about breaking the law, as that would be the least of your worries in this scenario.

5. Urban homesteadingGrowing Small Peaches in Urban Gardening Survival Skills

You will eventually face the second phase of a post-disaster scenario. This is known as survival assurance. Now that you have overcome the onslaught of disaster, you need to make sure that you move on.

In order to live, you need a stable source of food. Hunting and gathering wouldn’t last long. After all, your town has just enough pigeons and wild ducks to feed hundreds of starving survivors. What you need to do is plant a garden and grow your own food.

Self-sufficiency is the key to long-term sustainability. Gather every seed you can find and start your vertical gardening project from scratch. You can use animal and human waste for fertilizers, and you can use collected rainwater to keep your plants hydrated.

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6. People readThe young man in a blue shir and beautiful sunglasses looking at the cell phone survival skill set

The worst situations bring out the worst in people. People will give each other their throats just to survive.

Keep your head down in a hostile environment. But besides getting your body out of the way, you need to anticipate other people’s next steps as well. You can develop an instinct to read people’s minds and body language by improving your powers of observation.

7. CustomizationPost-apocalyptic gas mask survivor in a destroyed building - survival skills

After improving your people reading skills, you can develop your adaptability. Go with me to come with me. You may have heard this saying before, but it is really effective. Ask anyone who lived long to survive the worst prison cell in the country.

To develop your adaptability, exercise is key. You have to put yourself in uncomfortable situations in normal times. Taking a survival course is a great way to do this, or if you want to go broke join the military.

8. Defend yourselfMan with Gas Mask Plays Guitar Survival Skill Set

If the situation calls for it, you may have to attack your enemy.

Learn some rudimentary self-defense techniques. You can find a variety of courses online and offline that offer courses such as judo, jujitsu, and mixed martial arts. However, self-defense is not limited to hand-to-hand combat.

9. The art of escapeYoung survivor armed woman looking out of building corner with rifle in her hands - survival skills

Escaping an attack is also an excellent self-preservation technique. A seasoned survivor knows when to fight and when to attack. Remember that the ultimate goal is survival.

You can’t successfully dodge threats if you don’t know where to retreat to. The key to effective evasion is mastery of the terrain. By developing a better knowledge of the topography of your location, you can easily escape through routes and alleys without being spotted.

10. Medical know-howDonning a medical armband in a forest during the Travel Survival Skill Set

Like it or not, you will find yourself in a position where you are wounded or, worse, incapacitated. This is the reality of life in a hostile world. It goes without saying, so knowing how to treat yourself is important. And of course it would be helpful if you have a first aid kit with you.

Invest in a quality medical kit. Even in normal times, you can have many uses for this. But a first aid kit is useless if you don’t know how to use it. Make sure you practice some basic first aid skills. You can find great videos on the internet to help you with this.

11. Development of mental strengthA female militiaman in a post-apocalyptic desert desert - survival skills

You need to be mentally prepared to deal with the stresses of living in an urban area after a disaster. There is only so much your body can do to keep it going. But if your mental foundation is unstable, everything will fall apart.

The secret of a strong mind is to gradually develop a positive view of the world and the world. You have to accept that nothing in this life is permanent. We’ll all die at some point, but it’s not how long you live, it’s how you live.

Check out this video on surviving the first 90 days after City Prepping’s collapse:

Survival is all about having the right mindset combined with cultivating the necessary physical skills. Mastering these survival skills will not happen overnight. It will take time so you need to get started as soon as possible.

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