12 Foot Python Found After Escaping

12 foot python found after escaping

Concerned about the escape of the Mall of Louisiana’s 12-foot Python? This article will cover everything you need to know about this incident and some additional facts about Burmese Pythons.

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Escape from 12-foot Python | What you need to know

Is there a Burmese Python that escaped the Mall of Louisiana?

Yes, the stories are true. A 10-foot-long python ran away from its Blue Zoo enclosure on July 5, last year. It was located in the largest mall in Louisiana.

Cara, a yellow and white Burmese Python, fled her home Tuesday morning. The search for the snake continued throughout the night as authorities searched for it around the hour this particular breed of python was believed to be active.

Blue Zoo contacted local snake experts, firefighters, and police to locate the missing snake. To help locate the missing animal, they also purchased night vision cameras as well as motion sensor cameras.

Blue Zoo, the “interactive aquarium”, assured residents and buyers that Cara was a friendly, harmless snake. They claim that the python is happy to interact with visitors during their snake education shows.

The zoo was closed after the snake escaped. The Mall of Louisiana remained open to the public.

Did you find the line at the Mall of Louisiana

Portrait albino |  12 foot python

After 2 days of searching, the 12-foot-long Burmese Python was finally found safe and sound. It was right where the seeker suspected it to be – in a ceiling room.

Blue Zoo’s facebook page shared a video of the search-and-discovery. The video shows a worker lifting the reptile out from a hole in a wall. The exact location of Cara wasn’t disclosed to the public.

According to aquarium staff, she fled the exhibit through brute force. According to them, the python may have bent through a corner in its shell and squeezed out until it was free.

Cara has since returned to the exhibit.

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What is a Python?

Burmese Python Everglades |  12 foot python

Cara, a 12-foot-long python, was originally from Burma. This particular species of Python is known to have beautiful patterns on its skin and grow fast. They are a favorite of reptile lovers.

Burmese pythons can be found in grasslands, swamps and swamps, rocky foothills as well as river valleys, forests and jungles throughout Southeast Asia. They are also known as the reticulated and green anacondas, which are some of the most massive snakes on Earth.

These snakes are brown in color. These snakes are covered with dark brown spots, and sometimes have a black border at the back and sides. These spots and patterns resemble puzzle pieces, and may also be reminiscent of giraffe markings.

Reptile owners love this pattern. They look similar to African rock python patterns, which can lead to confusion between the two species.

Young Burmese Pythons often spend their time in trees. As they get bigger and heavier, climbing can be difficult, if possible, for them. They will continue to be seen more often on the ground throughout their life.

Burmese pythons can also swim well. They can remain underwater for up 30 minutes before having to come up to the surface to breath.

Is a python dangerous?

Python hunting |  12 foot python

Burmese Pythons are large, nonvenomous, and carnivorous. By constricting their prey, they kill birds, mammals and other reptiles. Their risk of attacking humans is low, however.

Younger Burmese Pythons hunt smaller animals such as rats, frogs and lizards. Once they reach adulthood, however, they are able to eat prey that is the same size as a deer or porc.

Burmese pythons have poor eyesight. They use heat sensors and chemical receptors to track their prey.

They hunt at night, and then ambush prey using a “sit/wait” strategy. As the snake waits for its prey to arrive, it often falls prey.

It then bites its victim with sharp teeth and clings tightly to its prey. Then it wraps its body around it slowly. It squeezes the prey until it is unconscious.

Burmese pythons eat their whole food because they can stretch their mouths using the elastic bands on their jaws. These snakes eat very little and eat only an equal amount of their body weight each year.

How long does a python live?

Burmese python |  12 foot python

Burmese pythons live for around 20-25 years in the wild. These snakes are often not given the proper care in captivity. Their owners often release them back into the wild when they get older.

These snakes are usually loners. They can only be seen in spring when they are mating with other Burmese Pythons. They can lay as many as 100 eggs per female, which they then incubate for approximately 2-3 months.

Burmese Pythons are now endangered due to their habitat loss, their demand in exotic pet trade and constant hunt for their skin and meat.

You want to know more about the 12 foot Python that ran amok in the Mall of Louisiana. This video courtesy KATC shows how they picked it back up.

The 12-foot-long python, which was found at the Blue Zoo, has been returned to its natural habitat at the Mall of Louisiana. This is good news for anyone visiting the Mall of Louisiana. Although these magnificent creatures aren’t known to attack humans it is better to leave them alone in their natural environment as they can easily eat our lives.

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