17 Items You Should Buy Monthly to Stay Prepared For An Emergency

Knowing what items to buy is important to prepare for emergencies. But because we’re too busy with what we’re doing in the present day, we tend to overlook this simple hack. Don’t worry anymore! We’re here to help you prepare a shopping list for the upcoming apocalypse.

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What to buy to prepare for emergencies

1. Water

You can live without food for three weeks. But without water one is considered lucky to survive four days. So that you know how important an adequate water supply is for survival. A prepper should have at least 20 gallons of drinking water for each person. Apart from that, you also have efficient means of treating or filtering dirty water to make it potable.

2. Eating

Flat view of undercooked food in boxes prepared for emergency items purchase

This did not require any explanation. You know how it is. The average amount of calories a person needs to survive is at least 23,000. That’s roughly 1,500 calories a day. Get ready-to-eat but relatively nutritious foods.

3. Fire

Make a fire with a fire starter.  Survival, outdoor, and military topic prep articles

They say water is life, but let’s not forget how important fire is too. They need fire for cooking, as a source of light, and as a defense against predators in the wild. Make sure you have enough matches, lighters, and firelighters on hand.

4. Light source

Emergency lantern on the table.  Selective focus.  Background noise - preparation items

In addition to lighters and fire lighters, you should also invest in high-quality light sources. These include flashlights, head torches, lanterns or as simple as a pack of candles. With separate devices for lighting, you can save your fire sources for more important purposes like cooking and heating.

5. Shelter

Prefabricated RVs at construction sites in Botswana prep items

Of course, you can build makeshift shelters in the wild, but you can save time and effort by investing in a quality portable shelter. In addition to the usual tents, we can also use tarpaulins that are cheaply available from stock.

6. Communication device

Portable radio transceiver sets for professionals or personal items

Human contact is essential in an emergency. You should also put communication devices on your priority list. This will be your lifeline if you hit a wall in a tight situation. Invest in cell phones, two-way amateur radio, or one-way NOAA radio.

7. Heating and cooling devices

An insulated gas heater burning at full capacity on a freezing winter night - item for sale

The weather could be your ally, but most of the time it is your worst enemy. You either die of extreme cold or terrible heat. Nowadays, however, there are various portable devices that are used for cooling or providing heat. These include self-heating blankets, portable heaters, and USB-powered electric fans.

8. Tools

Man as a craftsman buying items from the plumber's emergency service with tool box in the kitchen

Your chances of long-term survival depend on how well equipped you are. You need the right tools to handle Catch 22 situations. Make sure you have a portable yet functional tool box that contains essentials like a knife, ax, tape, screwdriver and the like.

9. Self-defense weapons

Male robber standing and looking at young woman and young woman hide the weapon in his back self defense from women prep objects

We all want to live a peaceful life. However, sometimes peacekeeping prepares for war. In a crazy situation, chaos can ergo lawlessness. You should be able to defend yourself and your loved ones during this scenario. The most efficient way to do this is through self-defense weapons such as firearms, tasers, and body armor.

10. Medical care

Open first aid kit filled with medical supplies in white background preparation items

This is also self-explanatory. The importance of a complete first aid kit cannot be emphasized enough. It could mean the difference between life and death in the deadliest of emergencies. This article shows you how to set up an emergency medical kit:

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11. Navigation devices

White Screen Outdoor GPS Navigation Tracker in Man's Hand - Item For Sale

You will never know where an emergency will take you. And sometimes it takes you into unfamiliar areas where danger looms. It pays to know how to tackle unexplored terrain. You can do that with navigation devices like GPS trackers or the old trusty analog compass. In any case, you are safer.

12. Clothing

Determine the necessary clothing for purchasing hiking items

There is no need for a closet full of elaborate wardrobes to prepare for SHTF situations. What you need is the bare minimum. Pack and prepare good jeans, at least a week’s worth of shirts, a thermal jacket, a ski hat, gloves, and some underwear.

13. Cash

Female hands counting US dollar bills or paying in cash

Sometimes all you need is cash, but not that much. Only stow away enough cash so that you can use it in emergencies. The idea is to be able to afford essential supplies such as medicines, additional food rations and gasoline money.

14. Mental health care

Old books on a wooden shelf item for sale

There has been a lot of talk lately about the importance of mental health. We always focus on physical well-being, but with a disturbed mental function our body is useless. As much as you care about food and other essential supplies, you should also feed the head. If you can, add books, board games, and music gadgets to your prepper arsenal.

15. Essential documents

Hanging briefcase with the inscription

In chaotic situations where at least a small semblance of order could go a long way, it is best to be organized. Important documents such as birth certificates, land certificates, cards and IDs would go a long way towards creating order in confusion and chaos.

16. Emergency information notebook

The word NOT is written on a medical notebook next to a stethoscope item for sale

It would make a world of difference knowing how to get in touch with individuals or institutions for help. Prepare a notebook with a list of local and emergency numbers such as hospitals, fire stations, and police outposts.

17. Bug-out pocket

Bug Out Bag Emergency Items Against Black Background Survival Concept Items For Sale

Being prepared at all times is the secret to survival. What could be better prepared than having a bug-out bag ready to go? A bag of food, water, clothing, a medical kit, and other emergency supplies is all you need. If you do not have the time for extensive preparations in an emergency, it is safer to have a bag ready to take with you at all times.

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Just do it right. And the nice thing about this list is that it’s not mandatory. You can adapt it to your situation. You can add or remove items for purchase to meet your specific needs over a period of time. But again, careful planning is key here. Have fun shopping and stay healthy!

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How well are you prepared in an emergency? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!


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