5 Things You Should Never Do When Camping Alone

Solo camping is understandably scary, especially if it’s your first time. You need to take extra precautions about your surroundings and the people you encounter as you cannot rely on anyone but yourself in the wild.

As with any outdoor travel, there are do’s and don’ts that you should observe for your comfort, safety and overall enjoyment as a solo traveler.

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Here are 5 things you should never do while camping alone

Go unprepared

This is the most basic, but the most important thing to remember – be prepared. As mentioned earlier, you can only rely on yourself. Learn how to pitch a tent, light a fire, and prepare a meal for yourself. Pack everything you need from groceries, water, toiletries, medication, sleeping gear, cooking utensils, a first aid kit, etc.

It’s also important to bring a map, compass, GPS, whistle, and some chalk in case you get lost.

Go MIABackpacker man backpacker hiking alone in Scandinavian mountains camping AloneCam

Another important thing to keep in mind is to let a family member or friend know about your trip. Give them vital information like your entire itinerary, the exact places you will be staying and when you will be back.

This may sound a little too much, but know that if something unexpected happens, this can be the thing that will save your life.

Overestimate your abilitiesSolo Hiker Tarp Wildcamping with his back to the camera with a view of the forest camping Alone Tips

Hiking 20 miles on a familiar trail home is very different from hiking 32 miles alone in the wilderness with a heavy backpack on your back. Curl up on your first solo trip and choose activities or take trails that suit your ability.

Also, don’t try to take on too much right away. A night or two of camping alone should be enough for the first time.

Arrive at your campsite at nightMan camping alone on the beach, accompanied by a campfire and guitar camping alone

This is not ideal for a first time solo camper. The darkness is disorienting and equipment becomes more difficult to find and use overall. Be sure to arrive at your campsite at least 2 hours before sunset to give you enough time to find a good spot to pitch your tent, settle down, and cook your dinner.

Forget about your conversationbeautiful happy free woman in solo camping with tent in forest writing notes on notebook camping alone

With no company, it’s ideal to have a chat during the downtime of your trip. Bring a book to read, a journal to write in, or a few playing cards to avoid boredom.

Solo camping is an incredible experience – remember what not to do if you are camping alone!

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