7 Essential Winter Survival Gear for Winterizing Your Bug Out Bag

7 useful winter survival gear to winterize your bug out

For the next season, make sure you winterize your bug out bag with the appropriate winter survival gear

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The Ultimate Checklist| The Ultimate Checklist

Make sure you have a bug-out bag for the cold season

You’ve got your gear all packed. Your tools, weapons, first aid supplies, winter survival food, fishing tackle, and other survival gear are all ready to go. Are you prepared for winter with your bug-out bags?

Once your bug-out bag is packed and ready, it’s tempting to put it “out of sight, out of mind.” After all, there’s no point in opening it up until you need it, right?

WRONG. The truth is, you should be checking your bug-out bag often to make sure you don’t forget anything and your gear is in good working order.

Update it regularly with season-specific gear, so you’ll be ready to go no matter what time of year you’ll be bugging out. Below you’ll find a few suggestions for winterizing your bug-out bag.

These are the steps to take in order to stock up on winter survival equipment. Take comfort in knowing that you’re prepared to leave at a moment’s notice should disaster strike in the winter months.


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Winter wilderness can be an unpleasant place to spend even a few minutes. These are just a few of the items you should add to your cold-weather survival kit.

1. Winter Clothes

hat gloves drying gray white winter | winter survival kit

You should know that winter preparations require special care for your clothes. Warm clothes, such as wool socks, a heavy jacket and gloves, are essential for your bug-out bag.

Winter clothes are heavier and bulkier so this will prove difficult. To accommodate winter clothes, you may need to adjust the space in your pack. Pack smart, and make sure your pack isn’t too heavy to carry for long distances.

2. Weatherproof fire starting materials

fire strater on rock | home winter survival kit

It’s always important to have fire starters, lighters, and matches that can withstand the elements, but this is especially important in winter. It can be difficult to make a fire when there is snow, wind and rain.

Stormproof matches should be a part of your winter survival gear.

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3. Mylar Blanket

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Mylar blankets can save the day in winter situations. These blankets are high-tech and reflect light, helping to retain heat.

What is a Mylar blanket, exactly? The official product of Dupont Tejjin Films is the Mylar blanket. It is made from a type of polyester resin. It is known for its heat resistance, strength, and durability.

If you ever find yourself bugging out or stranded during winter, you’ll be glad you packed a couple of these. The best part is they are thin, light, and won’t take up much space in your bug-out bag.

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4. Polyethylene Foam

polyethylene insulation isolation foam aluminum foil | best winter emergency car kit

This is a crucial piece of winter survival gear that is often overlooked. Polyethylene foam is often used for packaging. However, it also works well as insulation.

It can be used under a sleeping bag or bivy bag to provide warmth and protection from the cold ground.

5. Shovel

military spade folded on green bench | extreme cold weather work gear

A shovel is a good item to have on hand in any survival situation, but it’s especially important in the winter when you may find yourself needing to dig out of the snow. Fortunately, these lightweight folding shovels are perfect for your bug-out bag.

6. Eye Protection

This is another important winter survival gear item that is often overlooked. Combining snow and the bright sun in winter can lead to snow blindness. This is a temporary, but very painful, loss of vision caused by UV rays.

It is vital to be able see in an emergency situation. UV-Protect sunglasses should be included in any winter bug-out bag.

7. Insulated water bottle

thermos bottle near brick wall background | winter survival

You may be stocked up on water, but it won’t do you much good if it’s frozen solid. Pack a couple of insulated water bottles so you’re sure to always have clean drinking water whenever you need it.

Enjoy this short video from Survival Life, and get a quick tour of the Everstryke Pro.

Heat is the best protection against extreme cold. Keep warm by always having the right gear. You’ll never know when the car engine will cease to function due to the weather.

Your warming gear will make all the difference when that happens.

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Do you have a list of winter survival gear you’d like to add? Leave a comment below to share your winter survival gear list with us!

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