7 Genius Seedling Greenhouses You Can Make Today

Start a garden without spending a lot of money with these DIY seedling greenhouses.

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  1. Grow plants with these homemade seedling greenhouses
    1. Egg carton DIY greenhouse
    2. Plastic bottle mini greenhouse
    3. CD spindle housing greenhouse
    4. Clear Storage Tote Greenhouse
    5. Mason jar greenhouse
    6. Plastic wrapped greenhouse
    7. Clear plastic greenhouse

Seedling Greenhouses Ideas | 7 ways for small spaces

Grow plants with these do it yourself seedling greenhouses

A seedling greenhouse is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to keep your greenery going. In fact, you can make greenhouses as small as the palm of your hand!

There are dozen of ways you can build a seedling greenhouse that will fit on a small shelf or window sill. Even better, you can do this without throwing so much on greenhouse or nursery supplies.

Check out 7 of the most imaginative yet easiest ways to build your own seedling greenhouses.

1. Egg carton DIY greenhouse

This DIY egg carton seedling greenhouse will be one of your favorites when it comes to starting seeds in a small greenhouse. All you need is an egg carton as a germ tray.

Tip: It’s as easy as adding a clear plastic wrap or bag to your egg carton seedlings.

2. Plastic bottle mini greenhouse

Plant-seedlings-plastic-bottles-put on |  DIY greenhouse

A plastic bottle can be another great DIY greenhouse for your seedlings! It’s a perfect way to save those plastic bottles instead of throwing them away.

You can recycle, recycle, and turn the bins into these amazing greenhouses for seedlings. Above all, you can help to protect the environment.

3. CD spindle housing greenhouse


Do you still have these sleeves from your CD burning days in the house? Did you know they are perfect greenhouses for your seedlings?

All you need is an empty CD spindle case. Then cut out the column in the middle.

Cover the hole on the base and drill a few more into the top cover. Add your little pots and seeds.

That’s a simple seedling greenhouse idea that you can get up and running in no time.

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4. Delete the storage greenhouse


Sometimes temperatures can be erratic. You can have warm temperatures during the day and cold temperatures at night.

In these situations, grow your seedlings in small containers in a clear plastic box.

You can take the bags out in the morning. That way, the plants can enjoy the sunlight one day and build their cold tolerance.

Then you can bring them in at night.

5. Mason jar greenhouse

Three-plant standing glasses |  Seedling jar

A mason jar is a staple item for homesteads and canned goods. However, an old one can make a fantastic greenhouse for your seedlings.

You can use it to build a simple but cute greenhouse. Just make sure there is enough airflow from the plant for it to thrive.

Tip: If you don’t have a mason jar, you can make a mini greenhouse terrarium with a plastic container. The principle is the same.

6. Plastic wrapped greenhouse


This plastic-wrapped homemade mini greenhouse is another great addition to your list of ideas. It’s also easy to do and inexpensive.

This type of seedling greenhouse is an effective solution for difficult seeds. It’s also great for beginners as it only requires a few cheap garden tools.

7. Clear plastic greenhouse

Gardener hand-planting flower bulbs |  Greenhouses

Who says you need a whole load of equipment and tools to plant your yard?

With this idea, all you need is a clear plastic food container with a lid. Then you can use tissue paper cores or cardboard tubes to complete the greenhouse for your seedlings.

For more seedling greenhouse ideas, check out this full tutorial video from OikoEco:

Of course, if you’re looking for the faster way to growing seedlings, you can buy a full size greenhouse. It’s already available on Amazon and you can choose between different sizes and even designs.

There is something beautiful about upcycling old items, however. Plus, turning them into something useful like seedling greenhouses is a valuable skill.

These ideas are a good place to start. With a little ingenuity and creativity, you can come up with even more!

These tips will also inspire you to create a cheap but effective garden. You don’t have to spend a lot or no money on greenhouse accessories and greenhouse equipment.

You can also make this homemade weed killer to further protect the seedlings. The most important thing is that these seeds grow and serve their purpose.

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Do you have any more seedling greenhouse ideas that you can recommend? Share them in the comments below!


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