8 Cheap Options to Create a Small Space Garden

If you enjoy working in the garden but don’t have free space, a small garden is a solution. It’s also perfect for those who live in limited urban locations. Are you planning to start your mini garden? Continue reading!

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Budget friendly mini garden hacks

Life in the city is a great ordeal for plant lovers. Sure, your apartment can handle a few plants here and there. But when it comes to real gardening, that’s a different story. Or is it?

The problem is sometimes that we tend to overlook simple solutions that would work. Urban gardening is very possible. Lots of people have tried ingenious hacks that are surprisingly reasonable. And yes, the options are plentiful. All you have to do is use your imagination and of course come up with a killer plan.

Be the man with the plan (ts)

You need to have a good plan in order to grow plants. It is always better to have a plan for everything you do than not to have one. It’s just common sense. And if you want to explore the possibilities of small space gardening, you need to think ahead. Plan everything.

This means that you have to assess the available space. Apart from that, you also need to consider the types of vegetation that you plan to grow in your location. Do these particular plants need more space as they mature? What kind of acreage does this plant need? You know, these kinds of questions.

The planning also gives you a retrospective view of what materials could be maximized for urban gardening. Ingenuity is the key. The essence of guerrilla farming is to create artificial cultivation areas where space is limited or not available. Below are simple but valuable hacks that will make your mini garden project successful.

Gardening in a Small Space: 8 Affordable Options

1. Give them the boot!

Gardening.  Colorful rubber boots with bouquets of flowers in them stand in a row.  Garden decoration.  Wellington boots with flowers in a row-Small Space Garden

Are these rubber boots lying around somewhere in the house? Don’t throw them yet. You can use them as makeshift pots for your plants. The cool thing about these type of boots is that they are small. As a result, they do not take up much space in your home. You can place them in the window, in the laundry room, or anywhere in your house.

Due to their narrow and horizontal design, rain boots can also take up more soil space for the plants’ roots to grow deep on. It’s perfect for plants like tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, spinach, and other vegetables. You can also attach a string handle to the opening so you can hang it elsewhere.

2. Notes from the gutter

Household gutters that are reused to grow plants and create a vertical garden - Small Space Garden

Gutter gardens are ingenious options for urban gardeners. In fact, its popularity among plant lovers in the city has grown steadily. This type of gardening is done by installing gutters on sun-kissed walls in your room. The idea is to create a space-saving garden area.

In addition to this fixed-space option, gutter gardens also make your plants bug and animal-proof. With the gutters protruding from the ground, no pesky intruder can ever harm your vegetation. This particular position also eliminates the problem of soaking your plants with too much water. Amazing!

3. Pour your pallets

Creative wood herb planter made from wooden pallets hanging on the gray fence in a backyard.  Gardening-Small Space Garden

Another great gardening hack for small spaces is using pallets. Pallets are usually found in flea markets and industrial waste dumps. That means you can get them cheaply or even for free. Like them, one’s trash is the other’s treasure.

How do you use it for gardening in a small space? Easy. You simply place the pallet vertically. In this way, it can fire in confined spaces such as balconies and patios. Pallets are perfect for rosemary, basil, and other herbs. You can also plant cat grass on this planter. Versatile indeed.

4. Yes, you mason jars

Jars of pickled vegetables in the garden.  Marinated Food-Small Space Garden

Wall-mounted plant shelves are perfect for growing herbs and spices in limited space. You can make cheap but efficient racks out of mason jars. This is perfect for those looking to plant in areas with no outdoor gardening opportunities.

Mason jar gardens are better suited for outdoor areas such as garage walls, fences, balconies, and patios. Aside from these outdoor areas, a mason jar garden can also equip indoor areas such as kitchens and living rooms. Microgreens and herbs are plants that can be grown in this type of urban garden.

5. Kitchen soup can for your floor

Close up of vegetable seedlings potted in reusable tin cans outside on the garden bench-Small Space Garden?

Canned soup. Everyone loves them. They are easy to prepare and taste great too. But we’re not here to explain the benefits of instant soup. We’re here because of the container that holds it. Soup cans are super inexpensive gardening supplies for urban growers.

Soup cans are compact and easy to modify. You can put them anywhere and paint them any color for aesthetic reasons. In addition to flowers, you can also grow different types of herbs and spices in soup cans. Tables, roofs, ceilings, poles, fences or wherever, you can also place them anywhere in the house. No stress.

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6. Air out the dirty laundry basket

Large old weathered empty wicker laundry basket - Small Space Garden

If you have some old laundry baskets in your house, don’t throw them out just yet. You can make laundry baskets for potatoes, carrots, and similar plants. Aside from being a nice grow container for your plants, it’s also handy at harvest time.

A laundry basket with holes around it also works as a standard strainer. You can use it to rinse dirt off your crop. This saves you the hassle of using a separate sieve to clean your produce during the harvest season. Ain’t that cool

7. Welcome home terrarium

A terrarium garden scene in a transparent bottle with moss, pebble, chicken and mushroom toys on a wooden table - Small Space Garden

Forgive that Metallica reference, but like every song by this great metal band, a terrarium is an epic garden option for small spaces. If you think terrariums are expensive, it is important to remember the title of this article. In fact, you can create a cheap terrarium from found materials.

Things like old spice bowls, artificial plastic flowers, sand, and pebbles can all be turned into a decent DIY terrarium. This affordable planter will add flair to your small garden without spending a lot of money. You just need to make sure it is in an area that natural light can reach.

8. Do you have a few balls?

Sometimes it takes balls to start a small garden. Not really. We’re talking about real balls. If you have a few old basketballs just lying around the house, make them more useful. Empty the scoop, cut in half with a knife and you have an instant pot.

To make your ball pot more durable, you can paint the outside surface with marine epoxy. This also makes it more stable when you put soil in it. Attach strings to it so you can hang it in the window or on the patio.

Check out this Small Space Garden Options video from Dream Big Urban Farm:

As you can see, starting your small gardening operation isn’t that difficult. All you need is a bit of imagination and ingenuity. If there’s a will, there’s a way, isn’t there? Have fun gardening!

Article Source: 8 Inexpensive Options for Small Space Gardening

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