8 Skills For SHTF You Should Be Learning

Are you ready for whatever is to come? A practical prepper would equip himself with survival skills for SHTF situations. So can you.

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Essential survival skills for SHTF scenarios

1. Cooking

While this isn’t a skill that will impress most survivors or find its way into the pages of prepper fiction, cooking from scratch is crucial. Many American families eat out most of the time.

In addition to preparing three meals a day in SHTF, you may have to prepare foods that you have never cooked before or things that you are not good at cooking.

Whatever you eat, you must be able to cook.

2. Blacksmithing

Blacksmith-manual-forge-molten-metal-on |  Survival skills

This is a dual purpose skill that allows you to both fix things and trade or even sell items.

If you know metal and have a bellows, you can make axes, knives, hinges, and many other tools in a SHTF situation. Life gets weird when Lowes and Walmart close.

Forging takes a lot of work and practice, but starting now can make a world of difference later.

3. Woodworking

Carpenter-with-spokes-have-decorating-woodwork |  carpentry

The ability to work wood is another powerhouse skill that can work for you in many ways in a SHTF situation. Woodworking skills could be used to build your own home in a new location!

You never know how wild it could get. Not to mention, you can use this skill for repairs and skill swaps, just like you can with forging.

4. Capture

Farmer-caught-mole-steel-trap |  Animal trapping

You can store a lot of groceries, but you will run out of things in front of others. Meat protein is one of them.

It is terribly difficult to store a lot of meat protein for long periods of time. Fresh meat can be obtained through hunting, but the use of steel traps in hunting goes much further.

There is no other way to get good at it than just by doing it. The problem is, most preppers don’t even have the stomach for it. I suggest you give it a try.

5. Hunting and shooting

Fall-hunting-season-woman-hunter-weapon |  hunt

I would like to say hunt and shoot. You should practice chasing a target, outmaneuvering it, and putting it down.

You would hope this target is one of four legs rather than two, but the time may come when protecting your family requires you to outmaneuver these dangerous two legged mammals.

Shooting in the rifle range, tactical training and good old-fashioned deer hunting have their place.

6. Security

Blank clipboard-pen-hunting-gear-on |  Skills SHTF

Security is a philosophy, but also a skill. At SHTF, you not only care about the security of your home, but also your neighbors, your community and maybe even beyond.

Reading, wargaming, and making printed plans for such situations are great ways to exercise your sense of security.

7. First aid

Person-wrapped-his-friends-injured-arm |  First aid

People get sick. People get hurt. Do you know what to do about it? You see, there might come a time when a family member gets sick and the rest of the household turns to you for the solution.

Could you be the family doctor? You need medical books for this, but you also need training that can stop the bleeding courses and take free CERT courses.

8. Emergency communication

Amateur Radio Transmitter Close-Up Transceiver |  Ham radio

How do you want to communicate if the network fails? What if it’s just cellular?

There are emergency communications options, but you must have both the hardware and the skills to use it.

The preferred method of SHTF communication is HAM radio. You need a license to actually use the communication method. Get on with it and join a local amateur radio group, they are everywhere!

9. Leadership

wooden-people-figures-on-black-background |  Survival skills

Who will be the leader of this SHTF community? Do you know her Who will have all the answers to survive TEOTWAWKI?

There is a good chance that by default you will slip into the leadership role or have to take the leadership role.

Leadership is a learned skill and you can learn a lot from books, but putting yourself in high stress situations where people are looking for answers is as good as it gets.

This could come from starting a local group to play sports together, train together, or do something completely different. Maybe it is your survival group.

Check out this video from City Prepping to learn what to do in the first 90 days after a breakdown:

Are you ready to take a leadership role in your community and unleash a supply of survival skills to keep yourself and your people safe? If not, it’s time to get to work.

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Which of these SHTF survival skills will you learn first? Let us know why in the comments section!


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