A Camper’s MontanaGrizzly Encounter

a camper's montana grizzly encounter

Chico native Leah Davis Lokan (65), died in a collision with grizzly Bears in Ovando Montana on July 8. Local residents were afraid after the incident. What is the reason for this in a densely populated area?

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Horror stories about grizzly bear encounters

The attack

Leah, her two companions, and the rest of their camping day were over. Leah was ready to go to sleep in her tent with her two friends. Just finished their dinner. They didn’t know that the food they tossed away would play a crucial role in the event that will haunt them for the rest their lives.

Around 3:30 AM, campers heard a strange sound from Leah and her tent. The camp’s smell of food reportedly caused the grizzly bear attacks.

Grizzly bears wouldn’t attack humans unless they were protecting their cubs, their territory and their food. The bear might have been starving.

These surveillance videos were found in the vicinity. According to recorded footage, the bear was also seen feeding in a chicken coop nearby after the attack. Leah, who was then taken from her tent by the bear and killed by it, was eaten alive by several chickens.

The hunt

human live trap for catching bears in a park grizzly bear attack

Randy Arnold, Missoula Fish, Wildlife & Parks Regional supervisor, said that catching the bear would be a difficult task. The best way to catch the bear is to use the culvert traps, he said. These traps should be placed near the chicken coop, where the bear was on his rampage.

Ovando is however the biggest problem. This area is densely overgrown with thick bushes and trees, and provides grizzly bears with a safe haven. Gavin Roselles of Powell County, a long-serving sheriff, confirmed the fact. Ovando works to the bear’s advantage, both off-road and for bush protection.

Know your enemy

Brown bear in the Vysoke Tatry in Slovakia - Grizzly Bear Attack

Sun Tzu, an ancient military genius, said that the best way of winning a battle is to get to know your enemy. Understanding your enemy is as important as understanding yourself.

The enemy in this instance is the grizzly bear. This is about learning how to master your enemy’s moves, so that you can respond in a grizzly bear attack.

101: Grizzly bear

Brown bear climbs up tree in the forest - Grizzly Bear Attack

The Ursus archtos or grizzly bear is a subspecies the brown bear. It lives in forest areas in the western United States and Canada. The main difference between a Brown Bear and a Grizzly is their appearance.

Grizzlies eat fish, rodents, and insects. They are less well-nourished than their coastal counterparts who have a more varied diet. This is why bears that live in coastal areas tend to be larger.

Aim for less food and more aggression

Brown Bear in Alaskan Grizzly Bear Attack

The key to animal behavior is diet. For example, the diets of different bear species will determine differences in temperament. Grizzly bears that live in the interior are more aggressive.

Their fierceness is strongly influenced in part by their competition for resources. In contrast to the coast, where food is more plentiful, there are fewer options for dining.

As I mentioned before, there are three main reasons that grizzly Bears attack humans. They must protect their young. Most animals react to anyone or anything because of their maternal instincts.

Territoriality is the second reason. Grizzly bears tend to be territorial. They will do almost anything to protect and preserve the natural habitat they live in.

The third reason is applicable in the case of Leah, Montana. A grizzly bear attack could be triggered by foraging for food. Research shows that 1 in 2.7 million people are at risk of being attacked by a gry bear.

With the expansion of residential areas and continued deforestation, grizzly bears’ areas are more likely to overlap than humans. The likelihood of them coming into contact increases.

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What to do when you meet a grizzly?

Grizzly bear walks across the road in Glacier National Park - Grizzly Bear Attack

It is better to be safe that sorry. This is a great piece of life advice that everyone should heed. Imagine you’re camping in bear sanctuary. It is best to get familiar with the surroundings before you go.

Or, better still, avoid campsites susceptible to grizzly Bear attacks. These safety tips are for anyone who is forced to go to one:

1. Don’t run!

Here, the old fight-or flight principle doesn’t apply. Do not run away if you are confronted by a grizzly bear.

A predator’s instinct to hunt prey is its primary motivation. Do not act like prey. Stay quiet.

2. No eye contact

Predators view eye contact as an act if aggression. You don’t want to offend a grizzly. Do not look directly into the eyes.

3. 3.) Slow down

If you feel certain that the bear does not want to cook its meal, you can walk away quietly and slowly. You should move as slowly as you can to avoid attracting further attention.

4. Keep calm

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times before, but it doesn’t get old. Keep calm when faced with a life-threatening situation.

Never scream or shout at a grizzly bear when it attacks. Talk in a calm, monotonous voice. You can let them know that you are human by waving and swaying your arms.

5. 5.

If you are unable to stop the bear making contact, then you will have to accept the heat. Roll on your side, like a ball.

You can also lie on your stomach. This is a non-aggression position, so you have a better chance of the bear not attacking you.

This amazing video from The Unbelievable shows bear attacks and their interactions


Hearing horror stories of grizzly bear attacks can be frightening for campers. For those who are more interested in adventure than fear, however, this is nothing. Like the fearless philosopher Nietzsche once stated, it is important to live dangerously. Enjoy your life and be safe.

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