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A Snowy Second Chance [PODCAST]



a snowy second chance [podcast]

This episode of Out Alive From Backpacker is about a second chance in the snow.

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A Snowy Second Chance

This show is about near death experiences, and the lessons that we hope to learn by those who made it Out Alive. Each of the stories we tell is incredible in its own right, but now and again we hear a tale of someone who seemed to survive something approaching miraculous, and we can’t help but marvel at their luck in the direst of circumstances. And it seems like these are the experiences that are so transformative that you wonder if they were actually in the wrong place at the right time.While it’s not a universal phenomenon for all survivors by any stretch, there are those who come so close to death, that the experience acts like a level reset, a wake-up call.

It’s illogical, but also painfully relatable that for some of us, it’s only when we come face to face with dying that we remember what it’s really like to live.

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