Essential Survival Tips from a Hurricane Irma Survivor

essential survival tips from a hurricane irma survivor

2017 saw Hurricane Irma destroy thousands of homes in the western Florida region. As the fear of another disaster rose, survivors quickly learned from the experience and prepared for the worst.

These are the lessons that Hurricane Irma survivors have to share with everyone.

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Survivor of Hurricane Irma shares his top survival tips

Strains on the body

A part of hurricane preparedness is being able to anticipate extreme physical stress. A Hurricane Irma survivor said that it was almost impossible to sleep for more than a few hours each night. You can even eat the easiest foods and snacks.

Don’t stress about your diet, think more about how you can survive.

Stress on the emotional side

Panic attacks young girl sad scared stressful |  Essential survival tips from a Hurricane Irma survivor

Hurricanes can bring with them more stress than physical, whether you are preparing for one, in the middle of one, or looking back.

Knowing that your loved ones will be safe makes it easier to bear the burden.

The game of priorities

Shopping during an epidemic |  Essential survival tips from a Hurricane Irma survivor

When disaster strikes, everything becomes a priority game. It is about categorizing which of the essential things in your life are more important than others.

You won’t be surprised at how basic things can be, such as prioritizing milk over bread or water.

Prepare to protect your property

Teenage son helps his father to board up the windows |  Essential survival tips from a Hurricane Irma survivor

Most hurricanes cause destruction and chaos. Protecting your property from damage is a must.

While some hurricane damage might not be within your control, it will help you pin your home to minimize damage.

Learn from the past hurricanes

Hurricane Irma in Key West Florida |  Essential survival tips from a Hurricane Irma survivor

Learning from past hurricanes can help you understand them better and prepare you for the future. It is easier to do this once you have actually been through a storm.

If you’ve never been to a hurricane, you should read as much information about them as you can. One should expect the best from storms but be prepared for the worst.

Everything you need to survive| Everything you need to survive

Boot camps are for hurricanes

Cars submerged in Houston |  Essential survival tips from a Hurricane Irma survivor

Just like boot camps, natural catastrophes, especially hurricanes will sap every ounce you have. Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, another thing happened.

But, it is possible to feel like a boot camp if you are prepared and adhere to the warnings of the weather department.

Some hurricanes are more severe than others

Cement wall destroyed by Hurricane Irma |  Essential survival tips from a Hurricane Irma survivor

Even with weather forecasts, nature can be unpredictable. Any Hurricane Andrew survivor can attest to the fact that Hurricane Irma was ten times more destructive than Hurricane Andrew.

It was like Hurricane Andrew with steroids. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for anything.

All eyes are on survival

Image of residents evacuating Miami Beach |  Essential survival tips from a Hurricane Irma survivor

You learn that your body is in full survival mode by anticipating or actually experiencing a hurricane. This is when you realize that survival is more important than any other need.

Do not panic if survival mode is what you are experiencing. This is normal when you are expecting a natural catastrophe.

People look emaciated

Hurricane Laura's storm surge begins to subside |  Essential survival tips from a Hurricane Irma survivor

Women, particularly, can look very sluggish during natural disasters like hurricanes. Women are most visible because they have very little time to do their makeup, manicures, or brush their hair.

The best practices are the most important.

Refilling a plastic water bottle from a tap |  Essential survival tips from a Hurricane Irma survivor

With a little preparation and effort, most of the hurricane-related incidents can be avoided. It is important to not wait until the last moment to get gasoline or take turns washing your face with baby wipes during a hurricane.

The most concerned are women

Donors Accept Hurricane Katrina Aid |  Essential survival tips from a Hurricane Irma survivor

Survivors of Hurricane Irma can tell you that women are responsible for all the stress, worry and planning involved in a disaster. It almost seems like the gender roles between men & women are being reversed.

It’s normal to worry about the next meal, while trying to figure out what will happen to it after dinner.

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The ability to prepare for a hurricane is crucial. You now have the firsthand experience of a Hurricane Irma survivor. These tips will help you plan and react to hurricanes. Let’s hope the worst comes to an end and prepare for the worse.

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Are you a survivor of a hurricane? Would you share any tips? Comment below to let us know!


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