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truck bed camping 101 | everything you need to know

Are you planning to truck bed camp soon? It pays to be informed before you set out on the journey of a lifetime. This is where your journey starts.

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Ultimate Truck Bed Camping Guide

What is Truck Bed Camping?

You can set up camp in a truck bed by camping on a truck bed. You can convert your truck bed to a campsite instead of camping on the ground.

What is the best truck bed camping method?Hug the sky, view silhouette of a tourist standing on roof top of a 4WD-Truck Bed Camping

What’s the best way to camp in a truck? It all depends on what you like and what vehicle is at your disposal. There are three options:

  • Camper ShellCamper traileron a seashore-Truck Bed Camping

The camper shells have already been designed to accommodate mobile shelter. This space is weather-resistant and secure. You can customize it to suit your preferences and needs.

  • Ground TentYoung man crouching near a dome tent hammering it in the ground-Truck Bed Tent

This option is similar to conventional camping. Its low elevation is an issue in unfavorable weather conditions.

  • Tent for Truck Bed


Tents make truck bed camping easy because they offer more space. It also doesn’t need any major additions or alterations to your vehicle to install.

Notice:You don’t have to camp in your truck bed. You can set up camp in the truck, but you should consider using a ground tent if it is dry.

Where can I sleep when truck bed camping?Young couple relaxing by laying down in the back of a pick up truck-Truck Bed Camping

To enjoy truck camping, you must get adequate rest. Getting a consistent good night’s sleep will give you the energy for the next day’s activities.

This is possible with the right truck camping sleeping gear. Other than pillows and blankets, you will need the following sleeping gears:

  • Mattressgirl inflates sleeping mat in nature-Truck Bed Tent

Camping mattresses must be lightweight, durable, and comfortable. An inflatable mattress, sleeping pad or memory foam mattress are all options.

  • Sleeping bagA woman folds and packs a sleeping bag-Truck Bed Tent

A sleeping bag is an excellent option for truck camping in colder temperatures. Your sleeping bag should have synthetic insulation to protect against moisture and condensation.

Tip:Make sure you choose a sleeping bag with a temperature rating. This will ensure that it is suitable for your camping area’s temperature range.

What are the requirements to set up a truck-bed camping kitchen?Close up on frying pan with organic salmon prepared in inside camper van-Truck Bed Camping

Your truck’s tailgate is the perfect space to set up a truck camping kitchen. It can be modified to suit your cooking style and preferences. These are the basic gears for a truck bed camping kitchen.

  • Camping Stovecooking in nature camping outdoor, cooker prepare breakfast picnic on metal gas stove-Truck Bed Camping

Camping stoves for this purpose don’t have to be as complicated as conventional kitchens. Start with a budget propane stove.

  • KitchenwareTourist Cooking and Camping at sunset-Truck Bed Camping

Secure a basic set of kitchenware in a container. Either use what is already in your home or find them at thrift shops for cheap.

How do I organize my truck bed camping storage?back interior of Motorhome new modern-Truck Bed Storage

A storage area is essential for truck bed camping. It’s important to have this storage space so you can be more organized.

Here’s how you can organize your storage:

  • Gear StorageBlack duffle bag on car roof rack-Truck Bed Storage

Plastic totes and water-resistant duffle bag are good options for clothing and gear. You can also invest in storage solutions that are built into truck bed camping.

  • Water and food storageHandheld blue refrigerator in the garden-Truck Bed Storage

When storing food or drinks, it is important to use airtight containers. Ice chests, coolers or solar-powered camping refrigerators are all good options.

Tip:Two smaller coolers are better than one large. You can reach them at any time and cool down food and water quickly with smaller coolers.

  • Slide Out Tool Boxold used wooden box slide-Truck Bed Storage

It is essential to organize your tools so that you can find them when you need them. To save space, a slide-out box is an excellent option.

How do I bathe while truck bed camping?Young attractive happy woman take bubble-Truck Bed Camping

For truck camping, sponge bathing is a good way to maintain a healthy hygiene routine. You can also use a solar-powered, pressurized shower to clean your truck.

How do I deal with extreme temperatures while truck bed camping?Caucasian Young Family Planning Road Trip Taking Look on the Local Map-Truck Bed Camping

Plan is the key to dealing with extreme weather conditions while camping. Before you travel, do your research.

Also, make sure you have the right gear and clothing. Bring both winter and summer outfits.

What are my off-grid power options for truck bed camping?Young-couple-tourists-using-laptop-in-the-camping-at-night-Truck-Bed-Camping

You can charge your smartphone, laptop or GPS while truck camping by many different methods. These are your options.

  • Truck Cigarette LighterCigarette lighter from a truck. Car cigarette lighter-Truck Bed Camping

Your trucks’ cigarette lighter could power devices that run on 12-volts. For gadgets that require regular 110 volts, you can use a 12-volt power converter.

Notice: Make sure that you don’t drain your trucks’ battery when you are using it to charge your devices. For those times when your battery is low, you can always use a portable jumper to charge your devices.

  • Portable Solar Power PanelsFlexible solar panel in a mountain base camp-Truck Bed Camping

If you plan to use high-voltage equipment like a TV or camping fridge, this option is the best. Solar power panels can provide unlimited power to your device and are simple to install.

How do I plan the right amount of truck bed camping supplies?Equipment for trekking on green grass, on nature background-Truck Bed Camping

The number of people who will be using the truck can help you determine the amount of supplies that you need. This is not the only thing you should consider.

You should also consider your target area. The further you are from vital services, the more supplies will you need.

What other useful gears can you use to camp on your truck bed?Solar-Chargers-for-Camping-Power-Box-Battery-Camping-Flexible-solar-panels-Truck-Bed-Camping

These are some other options than the standard equipment.

  • Hammockperson view couple resting at camping woman laying in hammock with beautiful view of forest lake-Truck Bed Camping

You can attach a hammock to trees and other vertical structures. It is handy for relaxing or taking a nap anywhere.

  • Camp Chairsman and woman resting on the lake-Truck Bed Camping

Camp chairs are great for those who want to take a break after a long day of hardcore hiking. Choose foldable chairs to save space when it’s not in use.

  • HeadlampsPhoto of a male hiker in red jacket and panama putting on head mount flashlight-Truck Bed Camping

This gear is great for emergencies. This gear provides excellent lighting and keeps your hands clear for other tasks.

  • First Aid KitFirst aid kit-Truck Bed Camping

Always carry a first aid kit when you go truck camping. You could save your life if you are miles from a medical facility.

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How can I ensure truck bed camping security?Set of hunting equipment on desk-Truck Bed Camping

Research is key before you go on a trip. You should know all information you can about the campsite where you will be camping.

Before setting up camp, make sure to coordinate with the area’s security officers. You should also have a license for self-defense and safety gear to protect yourself.

What are the best places to go truck bed camping?Summer travel concept - Multiracial young friends looking at map-Truck Bed Camping

Truck camping is possible in any location as long as it meets all the criteria of a good campsite. You can do your research online, or you can talk to trusted and experienced sources.

10 Tips for Beginners in Truck Bed CampingTravel concept with independent people enjoyig the outdoor leisure activity-Truck Bed Camping

1. 1.

Although truck camping can be fun, it could pose a danger if you’re not at your best. Consult a professional if you have allergies or any other medical conditions.

You can go camping if your doctor permits. Make sure you have all of your medication with you. If you have serious medical conditions, it’s better to stay at home.

2. Find the right camping vehicle

Your truck bed camping vehicle is the most important thing. Pick a truck that is capable of traversing treacherous terrains.

You want your vehicle to have enough power and mileage to get you there without any problems. Consider these features when looking for an off-road truck.

  • All-wheel drive or four-wheel capability
  • All-terrain tires
  • Superior ground clearance
  • Excellent mileage and fuel efficiency
  • The ideal length for a truck bed

3. Take into account the weather

It is important to know your destinations’ weather pattern before you go there. Keep in mind that the truck bed camping accessories you will be carrying will depend on the area’s weather type.

Make sure you do your research before you go to pick the gear, clothing, and food you will need for camping on a truck.

4. Have a truck repair kit

You must be prepared for vehicle repairs when you camp on a truck bed. This is why you need the right tools.

The following tools are essential for truck repairs:

  • Complete set of screwdrivers
  • Complete wrench set
  • Cutters
  • Tools for replacing tires, such as jacks
  • Ice scraper
  • Keep spare oil containers in stock
  • Portable tire pressure gauge
  • Portable air compressor
  • Triangle reflectors and flares

5. 5.

It’s possible to experience unhygienic conditions while truck camping. Plan your hygiene routine to avoid getting sick.

This can be done by taking a shower and preparing your hygiene kit for the trip. Make sure to bring enough toiletries and disinfectants.

6. Don’t Carry Perishable Goods

For truck camping, non-perishable products are best. These include canned goods, dehydrated meats, and pickled veggies.

These preserved foods will last longer. They are also simple to prepare and will save you both time and effort.

7. Get Enough Water

Water is vital for our survival. Water is life. You can survive for weeks without food, but you will die within three days of dehydration.

It is safe to assume there is no water at your destination. You should always have enough water containers to fill your truck.

9. Be prepared for any truck camping emergencies

There will always be an accident. It’s best to expect emergencies during camping.

You can also inform your family members and friends about your plans.

  • First aid kit
  • Communication devices such as ham and emergency radios
  • You can also get survival gear such as pocket knives, flashlights and rain jackets.

10. 10.

For a successful camping experience, planning and preparation are essential. Check out online reviews to learn more about your destination.

You can also reach out to people who have visited the campsite you are interested in.

Magellan and Greyhound create this DIY truck bed camping setup:

You can make your truck camping experience a great one if you know everything. You should know everything there is to know about truck bed camping. Have fun and enjoy your trip!

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Do you have other truck camping tips and experiences? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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