Prepare yourself for facing DUI charges


DUI offense is in an association with operating a motorized vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If your BAC or blood alcohol content is over the legal limit, you could face severe consequences. This limit varies, depending on the state, but it is usually .08%.

If you have made a mistake of driving while intoxicated, you should hire a lawyer as soon as possible. Thanks to professionals, you can avoid severe penalties. Some of them include paying a lot of money for fines, spending time in jail, doing community service, and facing the suspension of your driver’s license.

Some individuals feel embarrassed to work with an attorney in these situations, so they make a decision to defend themselves. However, it is not wise, especially if you lack the legal knowledge and skills. It is the best idea to contact a reputable lawyer to help you. The only way you can be truly prepared for facing DUI charges is if you have a professional by your side during the court process. The law can be tough on those arrested for DUI in DC, and if you are on your own, without an expert to guide you through this situation, you might end up facing an unfavorable outcome.

Why is it wise to hire a DUI lawyer?

One of the reasons you should have a lawyer represent you in court, instead of being on your own, is the experience. Most individuals lack the necessary legal skills and knowledge for the proper defense. That’s why you need to hire the best DUI lawyer who specializes in this field, and has years of experience. Thanks to them, you can rest assured someone competent and knowledgeable will represent you in court. Also, lawyers with a lot of experience can collect evidence that will support your case, as well as identify the loopholes they can use in your favor.

The second reason is expertise. Consequences, as well as laws, vary from one state to another. It is wise to hire a professional who works in the state you were charged with DUI offense. They are familiar with local regulations, as well as laws, and therefore, will be able to pinpoint specific rules that could get you an exemption from DUI charges. Also, if you hire a reputable and experienced attorney, he will notice any points that the police officers, as well as other authorities, missed. All this is possible thanks to your lawyer’s knowledge about all laws and rules, and his expertise in cases similar to yours.

Finally, attorneys have a broad knowledge of breath and sobriety tests. When a police officer pulls you over for driving under the influence, he will administer a series of sobriety tests. You probably don’t know much about them. If you hire a lawyer, he will find out more about the equipment an officer intends to use, such as if they are out-of-date, or have any flaws. If he notices some irregularities, he will stop you from taking these tests. As you can see, working with a professional has many benefits in comparison to defending yourself.