Global Catastrophes To Prepare For NOW

global catastrophes to prepare for now

Global catastrophes aren’t limited to earthquakes and hurricanes.

The WHO announced that coronavirus is now considered a pandemic.

This virus was unknown to anyone until a few months back. Businesses are closing down and store shelves are empty.

You can see how fast that happened.

This means you can’t be too prepared.

Here’s the types of global catastrophes you should be putting a plan together for now.

Global CatastrophesYou must be aware and prepared For

1. Economic Collapse

Forex and Stock Market | Global Catastrophes To Prepare For NOW
The economic collapse is one of the most common global disasters. We are all bound for these disasters due to our dependence on everything automatic and instant. You can find ways to be less dependent on the global economic and financial system.

What about buying a piece land to make your home a bug-out place in the event of a natural disaster? To be self-sufficient in the event of an economic crash, you can grow and raise your own food.

2. Water Crisis

NASA has just released a new study that shows 21 of the 37 largest aquifers around the globe are being depleted faster than they are replenished.

With droughts on every continent, things are not getting better. Under those circumstances, you will have to dig ponds and bury cisterns. Also, you will need 55-gallon drums containing treated water. Cut down leaks, and also determine whether water is used according to importance or necessity.

3. Earthquakes

House Collapse | Global Catastrophes To Prepare For NOW
One of the most feared global catastrophes is what they’ve dubbed as the “big one”— an earthquake going off the scale. Predicting when, where, or how strong an earthquake might be is not easy. We should still practice the drop, cover and hold on technique, regardless of how we deal with the destruction.

A kit for earthquake preparedness is essential.

4. Space Weather or Solar Kill Shot

This is a rare, but possible global catastrophe. It’s also highly unpredictable. If this happens, it could cause a power grid collapse.

It is essential to prepare solar panels and manual charging devices. Make hydropower your backup choice if you can.

5. Floods

Flood and heavy rain | Global Catastrophes To Prepare For NOW
Flooding is considered to be a result of global warming and other weather elements. Though it’s been one of the threats to human survival throughout history, too. Unpredictable rainfalls, the rise in sea levels, and increased risk of coastal flooding — these are only among the tragedies bound to happen.


GFP Partnering (GlobalFlood Partnership) and GloFASGlobalFlood Awareness System), is a huge effort. It ensures that preparations are well-planned and organized on a global level.

6. Heat Waves

In 2003, the worst heat wave ever recorded in Europe claimed 70,000 deaths. Predicting heat waves has improved in recent years. Keep your fingers on the pulse.

Try to know the heat wave terms used by weather forecasters. Then, listen close to local weather forecasts or NOAA Weather Radio. Training in First Aid for heat-related emergencies is also available. Most important of all, plan and prepare with your family on a regular basis.

7. Wildfires

Wildfires are often also caused by heat waves. Start preparing now by creating a safe space around your property or home.

Clear it of all combustible material, including dead trees and shrubberies. For a complete guide, you can check

8. Tsunami

Tsunami seaquake | Global Catastrophes To Prepare For NOW
This is one of many global catastrophes that can occur anywhere at any time. These global catastrophes can be caused by many different types of underwater disruptions. A landslide or volcanic eruption are some of the possible causes.

These catastrophes can be caused by even a large meteorite that falls from space.

It is important to be familiar with your local tsunami early warning system in these situations. Do your evac and disaster planning ahead of time. Here’s what you can prepare for a tsunami, and what you can actually do during one.

9. Volcanic Eruption

The eruption of super volcanoes is another global disaster that survivalists must be aware of. The USGS Volcano Hazards Program works with scientists to monitor volcanic activity. They work with partners to find the earliest signs of an eruption.

Scientists from the U.S. Volcano Observatories and local government officials work to ensure safety. Your responsibility is to ensure safety in such situations.

10. Hurricanes

Hurricane typhoon | Global Catastrophes To Prepare For NOW
You can prepare for such a catastrophe by insuring your property. It must be recognizable, tested, and proven by major calamities. It must also be able to handle claims and many other things.

Don’t forget to have a safe room installed in your house, too. Be on the lookout for storm surge warnings, and evacuate if you need to.

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11. Drought

Learn how to maintain a garden that thrives in dry and hot conditions. You must also ensure that your livestock is well-managed and kept healthy.

Here are some ways to prepare for drought: Reduce the risk of honey bee colonies and protect the next harvest.

12. Tornado

Powerful tornado | Global Catastrophes To Prepare For NOW
You and your family should practice the tornado drill on a daily basis. If you continue to practice, it will almost become second nature in the event of a tornado. Get rid of any branches that have been damaged in the surrounding trees. Next, secure any furniture and other objects that can be picked up by strong winds and made into a projectile.

13. Landslides

This can happen due to an earthquake, flood or volcanic eruption. A good land management strategy can help to reduce or prevent landslides.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for a landslide and what to do in the aftermath.

14. Hailstorms and snow

This will help reduce the damage caused by these natural disasters. It is important to stormproof your home and fortify it. Keeping your family ready at all times by devising an emergency plan with a kit isn’t enough, so make sure you insure your home with a proven and tested company.

15. Thunderstorms, Lightning

Thunderstorm | Global Catastrophes To Prepare For NOW
Listen to certified NOAA Weather Radios to identify potential danger areas. Have a thunderstorm and lightning safety plan — one that can give you enough time for you and your family to get to safety.

Avoid using corded phones and stay indoors. Avoid water pipes, wiring, and other electrical equipment.

16. Sinkholes

Sinkholes can happen due to natural or man-made causes. They can also be deadly.

Check for crack formation on a structure’s foundation and small holes around your property. If you find soluble rock prominent on the geological maps of your state, consult the USGS or other country offices.

17. Infectious Diseases

There is a high chance that you will get infected by a communicable illness. Superbugs with antibiotic resistance are one of the threats to human health. Learn more about infectious diseases and work with health agencies if you can.

Good communication will improve detection efforts by both citizens and government. This will help to detect new infections quickly and prevent the disease from spreading.

18. Simultaneous terrorist attacks

Man holding gun | Global Catastrophes To Prepare For NOW
The risks of terrorism are an all too real threat to many people around the world. While the government does increase security and Intel, citizens also have a role.

It is our responsibility to assess the risks associated with our daily activities.

Notify the authorities immediately of any suspicious activities. We can stop the threat immediately. If worse comes to worst, make sure you’re prepared to defend yourself and your family.

19. World War 3

How many times has it been said that we are at the edge of global catastrophe over the years? Everything you know will be lost if this happens. To survive, make sure you’re physically fit and that your financial dealings have been all sorted out. You can then create income-generating opportunities by utilizing different sources.

Choose which news to watch and don’t leave any cookies online for third parties to learn what you’re up to.

There are no products.

20. Nuclear Bomb Radiation & Sickness

ToYou will always be able to survive a nuclear attack or war. Stockpiling essential items is a smart way to plan ahead. Stockpile non-perishable foods, water, medical supplies, as well as miscellaneous items.

Monitoring the news is essential. Additionally, don’t cease to learn more about different types of nuclear weapons. It is also important to understand their impact on the human body.

To survive most of these global disasters, food and water are crucial. This video by City Prepping shows you how to quickly build a two-week emergency food supply.

GlobalCatastrophes can only be avoided in certain cases, but not all. We can only prepare for the worst and be ready for it.

This guide to global disasters, disaster awareness, and preparedness should help you have a fighting chance no matter what the future throws at you. Your survival depends on what you know.

Are you a victim of any recent catastrophes? We would love to hear about your survival experiences in the comments below.

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