How to Book a Campsite from Parks to RVs to Backyards

Do you love the outdoors but don’t know how to book a campsite? Here you will find everything you need to know about your opinion and booking a campsite.

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An overview of the various options for booking a campsite

The classic option

According to experts, in addition to looking directly at a park’s website, other reliable resources can help you. For example, on you will find up to 3,600 facilities and 103,000 individual recreation locations. Here you also have the opportunity to take part in lotteries for coveted permits, such as an overnight stay in the hinterland of Mount Rainier National Park.

Other great resources are Campendium, Dryt, Reserve America, Campspot, and These websites and apps let you search and explore campsites by amenities, ratings, and even pet and kid friendly.


  • TripAdvisor offers camping reviews so you know what to expect and pack accordingly.
  • First-come-first-serve spots are a great alternative if you don’t make reservations at popular parks.
  • Campnab, on the other hand, informs you about upcoming slots on sold out campsites.
  • Another great alternative is to book campsites near a national park. Campspot is an excellent option for this hack.

The free option

Check out how to book a campsite from parks to RVs to backyards at

While every camper in America is rushing to the traditional or classic camping options, you may want to try distributed camping. This is usually free camping outside of designated campsites.

Maps on the Dryt are a great place to find public land that is scattered around for camping. They also give valuable information about how long you can stay.


  • Experts recommend finding spots near water and shade, and leaving the place in better shape than you found it. OnX, iOverlander, and Guthook are reliable resources for finding legal scattered campsites.
  • New campers should familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations of the area beforehand.
  • Referencing Google Maps can help you find places near water and within walking trails in a given area.
  • The Bureau of Land Management is also an excellent source of information about available public land for camping.

Note: Despite all of these online resources, it is advisable to contact the forest service or a ranger for more specific information.

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The sharing economy option

Teenage friends making samores |  How to book a campsite from parks to RVs to backyards

We also have ridesharing with Uber or carpooling with Vrbo; We also share options for campsites. Here Tentrr and Hipcamp connect landowners with campers for private camping opportunities as well as for tent camping, tree houses, huts and RV sites.

Note: While this option won’t be as incredible as camping in a park, it is doable. It is an excellent place for new campers to get out into the natural wilderness.

The RV option

Family campsite for motorhomes |  What you need to know to book a campsite for an RV

Campspot and RV Trip Wizard are here to help you find great commercial websites and mom and pop rental options if you want to join the RV craze this year. RV owners are also another great source of camping suggestions.

Check out this video from 5-Minute DECOR on 38 Essential Camping Hacks | 5-minute tips for a perfect summer vacation:

There you have outdoor men and women. With this information, you’ll have a great place to start, especially if you’re new to camping. If you’ve been camping for a long time and have experience, now you know of other options available that you may not have tried.

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