How to Build a Survivalist Shelter

When you find yourself in a survival situation, one of your immediate concerns is survival protection. When you come across a natural structure that offers you protection, there is no need to build your own protection.

However, when you have no choice but to build your own animal shelter, you need to find a location that is suitable for building your own animal shelter. You need to keep the following tips in mind when looking for a suitable site.

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How to Build a Survivalist Shelter

  • Materials that you will need to build your shelter must be available on the website.
  • The side should be big enough for you to lie down easily.
  • You should also consider some of the problems that can arise when living in your makeshift shelter. If you think there may be wild animals lurking around, you can make a campfire near your animal shelter to keep them away.
  • Refrain from building a shelter in an area near a beehive or on a hill.
  • Choose a location that is at a higher altitude and free of stones.
  • Refrain from building shelter near the foothills or banks of a body of water.

The type of shelter you want to build depends on the materials used, the location of the shelter, and weather conditions.

The different types of survival shelters include tree stump protection, mirror knots, warm pocket protection, a shelter, rubble protection, dugout protection, poncho tent. So let’s discuss rubble and warm pocket shelters in more detail:

Rubble protection

Look for a strong branch on a tree that is at least a foot taller than you. You should then try to arch both sides of a tree. After arching it, place shrubs and leaves on top of the shelter so it will act as an insulation system and protect you from the elements.

Warm pocket protectionOld stump covered in moss while the sun shines on it - survivalist shelter

If you come across emergency blankets for sale in a store, buy them. In a survival situation, you can put the first blanket on the floor and put dry grass and leaves on it.

Make the layer very thick so it will keep you warm. Then place the second emergency blanket on top. Lie on the two blankets and roll yourself between them. You will feel warm and not to worry as these blankets are waterproof.

If you can sit in the shelter easily, you will feel really comfortable. Build a small stone wall that would act as a barrier. To protect yourself from rain, you can cover the cracks with dirt. The shelter would not suffocate and it would also be dry.

In a survival scenario, shelter is one of your immediate concerns. Knowing how to build one with the materials you have available at the size you choose is one of the most important steps in ensuring your survival.

You don’t want to be caught off guard when something happens without the right survival gear.

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