How to Get Rid Of Spiders

how to get rid of spiders

Are you able to remove spiders naturally? I prefer to repel insects naturally than using chemical repellants that can be bought at the store. It’s safer for your family, and your pets.

These oils, sprays and solutions are easily found in the kitchen.

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This article:

  1. Vinegar spray
  2. Lavender oil
  3. Peppermint oil
  4. Scented candles
  5. Lemon
  6. Turmeric powder
  7. Salt
  8. Indian lilac oil
  9. Citronella oil
  10. Tomato leaves

How to remove spiders from your home without the use of chemicals

1. Vinegar spray

Vinegar can be used to repel spiders. One cup white vinegar mixed with two cups of water will make a spray bottle.

Spray the mixture on spider entry points, such as doors, windows, vents, etc.

2. 2. Lavender oil

Dropper-bottle-essential-lavender-oil-mortar How to get rid of spiders

To keep the arachnids away, you can apply a little lavender oil to spider-dominant areas.

You can prevent spiders entering your home by filling a vase with water and adding 5 drops of lavender oil. The lavender oil will repel spiders from your home.

3. 3.

Mint-Extract-Small-Jar-Selective-Focus How to Get Rid of Spiders

Peppermint oil is great for headaches and repels spiders. Both poisonous and non-poisonous Spiders will be put off by the strong peppermint scent.

4. Scented candles

Close-up-burning-candle-spread-aroma-on How to get rid of spiders

Scented candles not only look great, but they also protect against spiders. The spiders won’t be attracted to light-scented candles made with lime, citronella, or lavender.

5. Lemon

group-fresh-lemon-on-old-vintage How to get rid of spiders

Spiders dislike the smell of citrus! Make a mixture of lemon juice and water, and spray the spiders with it.

Also, you can use liquid soap, lemon-scented handwash detergent, or floor cleaner. To prevent spiders entering your home,

It is also possible to dry the lemon peel in direct sunlight and grind it into powder. To make your home spider-free, mix it with water and spray the mixture in the areas you need.

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6. Turmeric powder

Turmeric-powder-fresh-on-wood-background How to get rid of spiders

Turmeric is an excellent natural insect and arachnid killer and can be used to get rid of many pests. Turmeric is an allergen that spiders can react to.

To repel spiders, sprinkle turmeric powder in your garden or kitchen.

7. Salt

small-wooden-shovel-glass-bowl-full How to get rid of spiders

Spiders can be poisoned by salt. This natural ingredient is safe and can be used in your home for spider control.

To make an anti-spider spray, combine salt and water. Spray the mixture around doors, cracks and crevices as well as window areas, vents, and other vulnerable areas.

8. Indian lilac oil

fresh-green-neem-fruit-indian-purple How to get rid of spiders

Indian lilac oil is a great way to repel spiders. Use a cottonball to dip in the oil, and then apply it to your windowsills.

9. Citronella oil

Citronella grass oil on leaf background How to get rid of spiders

Citronella is an effective natural spider repellent. The smell of this herb is disgusting to spiders!

To keep spiders away, you can also use citronella sprays on your floor.

10. Tomato leaves

Woman-Pruning-Tomato-Plant-Branches-Greenhouse How to get rid of spiders

You can pick some tomato leaves from your tomato plants. To make a repellent spray for spiders, mix them with water.

This mixture can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

In this video, ehowhome demonstrates how to make a natural repellent for spiders.

This concludes the ten ways you can get rid of spiders naturally. Isn’t it convenient to not worry about harmful chemicals being used in the solution of your pest problem?

Even more remarkable is the fact that many of these items can be found in your own home and will keep you and your family protected from spider invasions.

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This is just one way to keep spiders away. What do YOU think? We’d love to hear your opinions in the comments below!


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