How to Survive a Monkey Attack

how to survive a monkey attack

One of the most intelligent and violent animals in the world is the monkey. If they feel threatened, they may attack you or become aggressive if provoked. How can you protect yourself if this happens to you? Continue reading toLearn how to survive aAttack by monkeys

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How to Survive a Monkey Attack

1. Do not run

A Woman and a Girl Feed Monkeys on the Side | How to Survive a Monkey Attack

Do not be afraid if an aggressive monkey comes at you. Do not panic, shout, fight, push, turn your back, make eye contact or make eye contact with the monkey. The monkey is asserting herself and not looking for. a fight.


Don’t make them feel uneasy. toDo not increase your aggressive instincts.

Keep your feet on the ground! Remember–monkeys can chase you, as they can run up to30 miles an hour

Keep calm, move away, and keep your voice down.

Act as if you are doing it all yourself. As if you’re looking at trees, or conversing with others toOther people. This will cause the monkey to lose interest in your company and eventually leave you.

2. Keep Moving

Tourist Man with Long-Tailed Macaques | How to Survive a Monkey Attack

Although you might think feeding monkeys is fun, it can be dangerous. a danger.

It is illegal to bring food around monkeys. aGood idea. It is one of their most frequent reasons for attacking you. Even if the food was not properly prepared, they will still attack you. aContainer, monkeys still can detect it because they have aIt is a strong sense of smell.

You can also give food to the homeless. toOne monkey would bring others near you. They will attack you if they don’t get your attention.

You can encourage monkeys to leave their natural habitat by feeding them.

3. Don’t Feed them

Tourist with a Backpack Feeds Monkeys | How to Survive a Monkey Attack


You might believe that feeding monkeys is easy. aFun thing toYou can, but this activity is dangerous a danger.

It’s not. aGood idea toYou should not eat near monkeys as this is one of their most common reasons for attacking you. Even if it is not a good choice, aContainer, monkeys still can detect it because they have aStrong sense of smell

Also, you can give some food. toOne monkey would bring others near you. They will attack you if they don’t get your attention.

What’s more, feeding monkeys can lead them out of their habitat.

4. Jump into the water

Japanese Macaque near the Pool | How to Survive a Monkey Attack

Did you know that almost all monkeys can’t swim? Some species drown when they get into deep water. So if aMonkey runs wild and you see! aYou have a body of water nearby, so jump in!

But, don’t get too comfortable, especially when it comes to in atropical rainforest. You might even survive! aBut monkey attack aYou might be attacked by a crocodile. Crocodiles can attack you, just like monkeys.

5. Show the MonkeyYour empty palms

Male Hands Showing Palm | How to Survive a Monkey Attack

Many monkeys attack people because they think you are holding food. toIt is your chance to them.

Show them your empty hands if you don’t have anything. If you do have food, show it to them, but not at their faces.

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6. Do not play tug of war with them

A Tourist Photographer has Wild Monkeys Climbing All Over Him | How to Survive a Monkey Attack

If a monkey wants toGive it to someone you love. to them. Don’t play tug-of war with monkeys, particularly if they already grab for your valuables.

Remember that monkeys can be mischievous and curious. Don’t worry! They have also aThey have a short attention span. You can get them to pick up your items

7. Take control of your body language

Young Blonde Girl Wearing Casual Clothes | How to Survive a Monkey Attack

Interpretation of Monkeys a big grin as aSigns of hostility and danger They are cute but you shouldn’t smile or show your teeth. to them. Softness is defined by sticking your teeth together, closing your lips and closing your mouth.

Your movements should be minimal. Do not show aggression toThese will only lead to you being attacked.

8. Wash Your Wounds Right Away

Man Provides First Aid for Cutting his Hands | How to Survive a Monkey Attack

If you suffer some bites after aAfter a monkey attack, you can rub the affected areas with soap and clean running water. toThe doctor.

MonkeyMonkey bites can prove fatal as monkeys carry diseases like rabies. It doesn’t matter how small the bite, it can still cause serious injury.

You can also get infected even if you are healthy, since bacteria is present in the mouths of even healthy monkeys. a taste.

Additional Tips for Dealing With Monkeys

9. Dress appropriately

Portrait of a Smiling Young Couple Standing on the Street | How to Survive a Monkey Attack

Before you go toAvoid wearing elaborate and shabby-chic clothes in an area populated by monkeys. You should also avoid carrying jewelry or bags. If you have blurry vision, contact lenses may be an option.

Anything with straps can be tempting to monkeys.

10. Take Care When Taking Photos

Female Photographer and Proboscis Monkey | How to Survive a Monkey Attack

You have now aA beautiful destination with good light and adorable monkeys. What is missing from the equation? Camera toThe perfect moment captured

Take care when taking photos, especially selfies. Monkeys might attack you if you take a picture of yourself on camera. They may think that they are in danger.

This video is by OWN aWoman shared her experience at aHer victim was a chimpanzee

MonkeyAll over the globe, attacks are quite common. Knowing how to prevent attacks is essential. to survive aEvery survivalist must be prepared for monkey attack. Survive aFollow these tips to avoid monkey attack

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