How to Survive North Korea in 7 Foolproof Ways

how to survive north korea in 7 foolproof ways

North Korea’s known for its water-tight controls and relative isolation from the rest of the world. Here’s how to survive North KoreaIn the unlikely event that you do end up inThe country.

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How to Survive North Korea | Surviving North Korea

1. Take a Chinese and North Korean Visa

Opened passport with visa stamps | Get a Chinese and North Korean Visa | how to survive north korea

Living in North Korea isn’t an easy process, and many foreigners don’t even qualify toThere are many ways to live there.

To get to North KoreaYou will need toYou can have two visas


  • One toEnter North KoreaItself
  • A Chinese key and an English key toTransit through China toYou can get there.

Because NorthSouth Korea are technically at war, it’s next toUnpossible toEnter through South Korea.

Also, don’t try toEnter North Korea through The Demilitarized Zone – border control guards can shoot you on the spot.

2. Book an Official Tour

young female travel agent with customer | Book an Official Tour | how to survive North Korea

Anybody who is interested in traveling to North KoreaYou can only book a group tour with a designated guide. The tour guide will allow you to: toTravel to North KoreaYou can safely visit the country.

One caveat: being on an official tour doesn’t protect you from the law, but it’s still better than nothing.

3. Get Vaccinated


While you won’t experience too many health risks, surviving in North Korea means making sure to update your vaccinations. We recommend getting boosters for Hepatitis B, Typhoid MMR and Hepatitis B vaccines.

3. Before you leave, double-check your belongings

Woman packing a suitcase | Double-Check Your Belongings Before Leaving | How to Survive North Korea

Take care toTake out any paraphernalia that is religious or political and leave the blue jeans at home. Also, be prepared to meet with authorities toYou can view everything right from your phone toAll papers you bring in toBefore you are allowed to leave, check for banned materials in.

If you’re bringing medication, check first if it’s legal toThese are yours inBefore packing it.



5. Always be mindful North KoreaGuidelines for Tourists

Korean DMZ | Be Mindful of Local Laws | how to survive North Korea

Once you’ve set foot in North KoreaYou will need certain things toBe careful about what you take for granted at your home.

  • Don’t crack jokes about North KoreaIt is illegal to a leader, its citizens or its citizens. It’s illegal in North Korea toYou can laugh at the country’s leaders and get deported or arrested.
  • Do not talk toOther North Koreans unless you’re authorized toYou could be charged with spying by authorities.
  • Don’t even try toLeave the tour group as you could be arrested.

Essentially, don’t do anything that can put you or your tour guide at risk.

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6. Before you click the Camera Button, think before you click

man taking photos with camera on top of mountain | Think Before You Click (the Camera Button) | How to Survive North Korea

Do not take photos at places that aren’t allowed. North Korean government deems tourist sites.

Spying can be described as the taking of other kinds photos. inThe eyes of North Korean law.

Before taking a photograph, please ask permission from your tour guide. to ensure you’re inThe answer is clear.

7. Keep an eye on your surroundings

Pickpocket Stealing from Backpacker | Stay Aware of Your Surroundings | How to Survive North Korea

It is rare to be a victim of serious crimes when you live under constant surveillance. However, petty theft does happen. toSecure your belongings and keep them close at hand toYour body.

It’s never too late toPay attention, especially when you are in danger inAny country.

Here’s a story of someone who survived North KoreaIt is lived toPlease tell us the story.

Surviving North Korea requires taking precautions and measures you won’t otherwise have toDo inOther countries These are the guidelines inMind inOrder to survive North KoreaMake your stay memorable in North KoreaAs safe as possible.

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Have you been to North KoreaHave you met someone who has? Your experiences are worth sharing inPlease comment below!

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