How to Treat A Venomous Snake Bite

Knowing how to treat a snakebite can save lives. Less than 10 percent of venomous snake bites are fatal, but that doesn’t mean the 90 percent aren’t dangerous.

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How to Treat a Deadly Snakebite in Four Easy Steps

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Step 1. Consider the situation

Panic after a snakebite is the most natural response, but it will do you more harm than good. It increases your heart rate, which leads to increased blood flow, which means the poison is further distributed in your bloodstream, which is fatal.

So stay as calm as possible and pay attention to the shape, color, size or pattern of the snake. This will help doctors narrow down the snake that bit you and make it easier for them to treat you.

Note: Do this only if it can be done safely, easily, and quickly for you.

Step 2. Prevent further damage

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Next, remove anything around the wound that might compress the bite area. This includes anything from tight clothes, shoes, or jewelry.

Otherwise, swelling can occur quickly, which can cause further damage. You want to increase your chances, especially if you are likely miles from the nearest hospital.

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Step 3. Clean the bite wound

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Then clean the bite area with clean water before loosely bandaging the wound. The point at which the wound is washed is to remove any debris that may get stuck in the area.

Remember that thorough cleaning of the wound can wash away the poison. This would make treatment more difficult, especially if you didn’t notice the type of snake that bit you.

Memory: Avoid tourniquets, cutting, applying ice, or using suction devices, including your mouth, as this could make the situation worse.

Tip: You can use a clean piece of cloth if you don’t have a bandage

Step 4. See a doctor

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If you’ve called an ambulance, sit and wait for it to show up. Reduce movement as much as you can and make sure you are more secure to avoid further attacks.

However, since it can be difficult to get a signal in the distance outdoors, you should find a way to get to the nearest hospital. When getting to a hospital is impossible, find a way to get to people who can help you. This could be anyone you come across.

Note: Remember to keep the bitten area as immobile as possible and below your heart level.

Here is a guide. Don’t forget to download, save, or share this handy guide for reference:

How to treat a poisonous snakebite

There you have it, survivor. Unless a snake has bitten you with a really dangerous venom, the effects of most snake bites will largely depend on your reaction. The key is to stay calm to prevent the poison from getting into your bloodstream where it can be fatal.

Did you know that some of the most venomous snakes in the world can kill 100 men with a single bite? Check out this video for a comprehensive list of venomous snakes:


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