Hurricane Hacks Most Don’t Know!

The best hurricane hacks are like fighting with complete combat training. While you can’t predict the outcome of any hurricane, you can minimize the chance that it will happen. Here are some proven hurricane hacks that will work.

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Hurricane Hacks and Tips You Need to Know

1. Make sure you prepare the right food

People often choose snacks to help them through an emergency. This type of food can be deficient in nutrition.

You might be surprised to know that non-snack foods can also be prepared without refrigeration.

You can’t go wrong with fruits and vegetables. They are healthy and have a long shelf life. Apart from these, you can also find sandwiches, sausages, cookies and instant ramen.

2. Use a camping stove

The pan with the porridge is on the gas burner (Camping Stove) - hurricane survival hacks

When a hurricane strikes, water, gas and electricity are all affected. Cooking without electricity can prove difficult.

You can still make your favorite old-school dishes with stones and wood. But, this is not a reliable method. Bad weather can automatically eliminate this cooking option.

Camping stoves have been invented. A portable stove will make cooking food easy in any circumstance.

This is a type of propane-powered stove. These propane canisters cost only $1.99 and are refillable.

The cooking process can be more time-consuming than with regular stoves. Propane stoves can be used in areas that are susceptible to hurricanes, where open cooking is not feasible.

3. Keep your smartphones charged

Charging the phone with power bank.  Depth of field in power bank hurricane hacks

It’s easier said than done. It is vital to keep a steady communication link during an emergency. There is also the problem of a power outage.

But don’t be alarmed. Even without traditional power sources, your smartphone can still be charged. What are some other options?

Your garage or drawer holds the answer. If you do not have a reliable power source, 9 volt batteries will suffice to charge your phone.

It is not recommended to do this in an emergency, as it could cause damage to your phone.

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4. A washing machine can keep you cool

Washing machine drum hurricane hacks splashing water

Electricity is one thing you should be concerned about after a hurricane causes havoc. The only thing it needs is power.

This means that there is no TV, internet or air conditioning. Never sweat! You can control the heat during power cuts with a simple trick.

A washing machine not only can make your laundry shine but it can also serve as a coolant. It’s simple. You just need to fill the tub up with ice. This machine can drain excess liquid. You can use the machine to not only double as an air conditioner but also to preserve perishable products.

5. Frozen bags can be used as coolers

Frozen Organic Berries in Reusable Plastic Bags - Hurricane Hacks

A simple plastic bag that is filled with water can be used to cool down your vehicle. You can fill the bag with water but not enough to expand it if it freezes.

It works as follows: a. A bag filled full of liquid ensures your refrigerator stays cool longer; b. The bag can also be used to store thawed water.

Aluminum foil can be used to insulate your freezer bag and keep it cool. This will ensure that your frozen bag doesn’t stick to the rack’s surface.

6. You can use the bucket to make an improvised toilet

Aluminum Bucket for Florists' Use in Making Decoration Supplies for Home and Garden - Hurricane Hacks

Your personal trash disposal is one of the most difficult problems following a hurricane. After your home has been destroyed, the last thing that you want to do is use the toilet again. Don’t worry. This is a hack article for hurricanes.

A simple bucket and a pool noodle can make a dresser. Find a good spot near you.

You should ensure that it is not too close to where you plan on cooking your food. It is important to maintain hygiene when working on this project.

7. Take a picture

Woman taking photos of a custom kitchen using her smartphone hurricane hacks

This might seem simple, but it is one of the most important hurricane hacks. Just before the hurricane strikes, snap a picture of all things.

Why? Simple. Document everything. It is important to document everything you do, from the food in your freezer, to every corner of your trip.

Once everything is clear, this will prove to be very useful. The documentation is very helpful if you want to reimburse all insurance costs.

It will serve to support your claim in future.

This Holderness Family Vlogs video contains more hurricane prep hacks.

These simple, yet effective hurricane tips and hacks were easy to follow. Remember, practice makes perfect. These hurricane hacks can be used even if there isn’t another hurricane. It is a good idea to check out this article every now and again. Keep safe and enjoy!

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What were some of the worst experiences that you had in a hurricane? You are welcome to leave comments in the section below.


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