Invasion Survival Kit | 10 Smart Ways On How to Survive a Home Invasion

invasion survival kit | 10 smart ways on how to

Being aHome invasion Survival Kit and Knowing What toIt is crucial to know what to do if robbers enter your home. These home invasions often result in serious injuries. toYou can also be convicted of other crimes such as kidnapping and rape.

Learn how toGet over the bad guys. This invasion survival kit is for you and your loved ones. to you.

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Invasion Survival KitGuide toProtect Your Assets HomeFamily

1. Establish aSafe Room

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Establishing a “safe room”When planning for an invasion, your top priority should be to protect your family. The purpose of the room is to provide shelter for your family in case of emergency.

Fitting the door with the right hardware is important aDeadbolt lock to make it easy to lock upon entry.

2. Keep your phone close by

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Being aYou must have your emergency kit and a phone in your safe place so you can contact the police.

One thing toKeep in mind that phone service providers offer telephone services as well as television services and operate via satellite.

This means that wires will be able to communicate with each other. toThese can be cut, rendering your smartphone useless.

The solution toThis is toKeep aSecondary phone, or use aCell phone toKeep it in the safe.

3. You can have aSafe in Your Safe Room

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A safe room should be available. aSecure or aLockbox in the interior aLoaded handgun that is easily accessible.

For running, keep practicing drills toAfter entering the room, unlock the lockbox and get ready to shoot.


Spare key toAlso, the lockbox is aYou must have everything you need in your safe room.

4. Arm yourself

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Do not hesitate toUse a pump-action shotgun as your first preference for a gun.

Firing aA few rounds from your back window could instill fear in any intruders. Before purchasing any firearm, be sure to read the gun licensing laws.

5. Wait until help arrives

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Your family and you must remain in the safe area until help arrives.

The invaders may not know that your safe room is there unless they hear gunshots or know that you are inside the house.

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6. Always Be Prepared a Gun Fight

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If someone finds out about your safe place during an invasion, they will attempt to invade it. toBreak into the room. Such an arrangement is called “In such…” aSituation, you should already have placed aA few heavy furniture pieces are easy to slide in front the door.

Also, you can use lumber that can be used toLeverage the furniture against the opposite wall to stop it from sliding back.

7. Use a Bullhorn to Scare Intruders Away

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Bullhorns can either be used during an invasion or at the beginning.

It can be used at the beginning to alert toYou can inform your family about an invasion, or you could use aMost bullhorns include a siren feature.

This may fool your intruders into thinking they might have tripped. aThey can be triggered by a home security system toFlee believing that the police may be nearby.

8. Always be prepared aBackup plan

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You will soon realize this aIf you suspect that a home invasion has occurred, dial the emergency code word to alert your family. to run toYou can take refuge in the safe room.

After you have entered, lock the door. You can also request aWindow that is easy to access toThe ground.

As there is always something going on, you should be quiet and listen carefully. aIt is possible that the invaders may be trained to move silently through the home.

This can increase the dangers that you face.

Check the windows of your home to ensure that no intruders or burglars are visible. Then, you can make your escape.

If you have aLet your wife and children go first, and let the kids follow. toShe makes it so much easier for you all to get to safety.

Always be prepared aKeep a plan in mind for your escape route if you wish toUse the back window strategy to escape aHome invasion

9. You can distance yourself from The HomeInvaders

theft-concept-hiding-homeowner-catches-criminal invasion survival kit

Home invaders may not always be burglars in some cases. They could be criminals or kidnappers looking for you.

It exists aThere is a chance they could have been watching your movements. aAre looking for something of value?

The trick is toKeep as much distance as you can from the burglars, if they try to take your life.

10. Decoys Reduce the Risk of Home Invasion


A former CIA guy suggested using decoys toProtect your home from intruders These tips are most effective for new invaders. toThe business.

One effective decoy is toput aDog bowls outside your front door aleash, and aSign that says: My best friend is a Rottweiler. Many invaders may choose Rottweiler. aA house is not a home to a large dog.

The secret is to get there toThis tip is toMake your home look bigger and better a canine living in the house, even if you do not have one – this will decrease your chances of being invaded and increase your security. There is nothing better than having a pet. aCanine decoy refers to having a real canine in your home.

Being aA trained guard dog will keep any intruders away toYou can break into your house.

You can watch this video by sootch00 toFind out more about arming yourself or preparing an invasion survival pack:

You now know the answer toDo and have aIn case of burglars breaking into your house, you will need a home invasion survival kit.

Keep this in mind toKeep calm and think strategically toSave yourself and your family during critical times.

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Are you a member of the following? aAre you looking for a different type of invasion survival kit? You can share yours by commenting below.

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