Kyle Lamb: Special Operations Legend [PODCAST]

kyle lamb: special operations legend [podcast]

They discuss Danger Close with Jack Carr in this episode of Danger Close Kyle Lamb: Special Operations Legend.

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Kyle Lamb: Special Operations Legend

Sergeant Major has served more than twenty-five years. KyleLamb was a United States Army soldier who served fifteen years in the 1st Infantry Division. Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta, more commonly referred to as Delta Force.

He was involved in the Battle of Mogadishu in 1993. This battle is depicted in Black Hawk Down.

KyleAssault team leader, Sniper team leader, Troop Sergeant major, Combat Development Sergeant major, Task Force Sergeant major, and Task Force sergeant major, they were at the top of special operation.

His combat experience in Mogadishu and Mosul is his inspiration. KyleViking Tactics is a tactical equipment and training company. As a market leader in tactical shooting techniques and the designer of combat proven gear, including the VTAC Sling Jack, which was used in the SEAL Teams. It is still being used today. KyleContinues to influence and lead in the private sector. He teaches leadership, shooting and tactical courses to the military as well as law enforcement.

He hosts the Team VTAC Podcast. You can find him at the SIG SAUER Academy, or out hunting in the backcountry.

He is the author, Leadership in the Shadows: Green Eyes and Black Rifles, The Warriors Guide to Combat Carbine and Stay in the Fight. Warriors Guide to the Combat Pistol.

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