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Preparing for the SHTF scenario is not a paranoid move. Natural or man-made disasters can happen at any time and that is a fact of life. Boring? Well it should be. We’re not here to amuse you, we’re here to help you help yourself. Read on and thank us later.

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Prepare for SHTF situations

1. Build a strong foundation

When we talk about a foundation, we are talking about a financial foundation for emergencies. It simply means that you should have enough cash on hand for unexpected events. For example, if a family member is hospitalized, your financial standing should be solid enough to pay for medications and medical procedures.

2. Make your home emergency safe

Preparation during the Covid19 pandemic.  Food storage under the TV preparation for shtf

It is always best to think ahead. The best course of action is to make sure that your home is well stocked with accessories. You should have essential essentials such as food, medicine, and clothing available for at least two weeks. It is also essential to regularly check and replace perishable supplies.

3. Learn the basics and practice

Children taking refuge from earthquake preparations for shtf

There’s a reason fire and earthquake exercises are important. These activities train your muscle memory to deal with emergency situations. What good is your supplies and equipment if you don’t know how to use them? As often as possible, try to master basic preparatory skills. Use these skills with your equipment. Practice creates masters.

4. Go beyond the basics

Young survivor armed woman looking out of corner of building with rifle in hands preparing for shtf

It is not enough to know rudimentary skills and knowledge. Disasters are unreasonable monsters that never know the difference between beginners and experts. The point is to always push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Think of it as training for the biggest fight of your life. If you keep this mindset with you, you can never go wrong. Read Sun Tzu’s Martial Arts. You’ll learn a thing or two.

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Top 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Doing SHTF

1. Going out without a good plan

clueless businessman with question mark sitting at the table - preparing for shtf

You don’t want to walk around like a headless chicken during a Catch 22 situation. Not only will this endanger your life, but the lives of your loved ones as well. You have to have a plan. But not just a plan. It has to be good or not bother to have one at all.

The first thing you want to know is your goal. Find out how to get there. Of course, you’ll need a map, compass, or if possible a GPS tracker. In addition to estimating your exact target destination, estimate how long it will take to get there. Not only that, but you also need to find the safest, fastest route. Make a good plan.

2. Lack of plan for pets and property

Boxer mix dog lying on gray sofa at home looking for shtf in window prep

As you prepare for SHTF situations, you visualize the possibility of long-term bug-out scenarios. The worst that can happen is that you don’t return home. If you think this is bad, imagine what your pets would go through in the circumstances. That being said, the properties you give up are at risk of destruction or theft.

The best course of action is to make sure your pets are well looked after and free of restrictions. At least they might have a better chance of survival outdoors. In terms of properties, you will be left behind with the doors locked and the valuables in the safest place. Also, make sure that gas pipes, water and other utilities are properly closed to prevent unwanted incidents while you are away.

3. Wear more than necessary

Young man in casual clothes preparing heavy red bag for shtf

Long and arduous hikes are a matter of course in bug-out situations. Ideally, you should be ready to endure excruciating hikes in treacherous terrain. That would be a big problem if you have a heavy load on your back. Travel light.

The idea is to take only the essentials that will fit in your bug-out bag. This includes a good supply of food and water, a first aid kit, clothing, a blanket, a tent, and some tools. Other than these things, everything else is a luxury.

4. Do not bring important documents with you

Young traveler in casual clothes, sitting on the floor at the terminal airport, unpacking luggage, losing problem passport while preparing for vacation for Shtf

Even if the prospect of returning home may be bleak, you must embrace the possibility of returning home safely. Who knows right? And you don’t want to be in a scenario where you don’t have proof of your legal identity. Make sure you bring important documents like a birth certificate, license, concealed carry permit, and social security number.

5. Do not have enough supplies with you

Survival Travel Kit, small, light, simple bugout bag with medicine, weapons, GPS, compass preparation for shtf

You will need supplies like food and water to survive in bug-out scenarios. Aside from equipping yourself with skills to feed yourself in the wild, you also need to be well taken care of. Think of your supplies as a long-term backup plan when the prospect of hunting or foraging in the wild is slim.

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As our world continues to be more prone to natural and man-made disasters, it is not unreasonable to have a state of war mindset. Don’t make a mistake, however. Preparing for SHTF situations is not about being in a constant state of panic. When you are prepared for anything, you can be more relaxed. So worry about everything now so that you can relax later. Let us do this!

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What was the worst natural or man-made emergency you have ever experienced? Please let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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