Nevada and California are Now Completely in a Drought in 2021

If you have any doubts about the drought situation in California and Nevada, take a closer look here at the drastic drought conditions experienced far and wide.

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An in-depth look at the drought in California and Nevada

What is the drought situation like in California and Nevada?

California and Nevada are now in utter drought after two years of arid conditions. As a result, there is a massive decline in storage levels and a low snow cover, which gives rise to forest fires.

This level of drought has not been seen since the days of the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression. Hence, the reality of food shortages in America is likely to come sooner rather than later. In addition to California and Nevada, other states such as Colorado, Arizona and the Prairie States are also affected by drought.

Where in the Midwest has the drought hit the hardest?

Take a look at Nevada and California in 2021 completely in a drought now:

Like California and Nevada, some states in the Midwest have not been spared. Some of them are:

  • Illinois: The drought here, particularly in the northeastern region, has worsened extremely and now encompasses around 6% of the state. In addition, the eastern and northern regions of the state are also experiencing unusually dry conditions. As a result, about 27% of the state is suffering from drought.
  • Indiana: This is possibly the least drought-stricken state in the Midwest. However, less than 1% of the state suffers from drought, but about 21% of the state reports unusually dry conditions.
  • Iowa: Iowa has been in a losing streak for some time. About 8% of the state, which stretches across 12 countries in its northwestern region, is considered to have been affected by severe drought. Worse, about 64% of Iowa is currently suffering from harsh, arid conditions.
  • Nebraska: While he was lucky enough to get the much-needed rain, it was not enough to end the drought. Hence, the moderate drought is 16%, but 45% of the state suffers from drought.
  • Michigan: Unfortunately, the case in Michigan is no different. Approximately 78% of the state is affected by drought, 64% is in moderate drought, and 6% is in severe drought.
  • Minnesota: The drought conditions in Minnesota are getting worse. A moderate drought has spread to 21% of the state, with two counties in the northwest experiencing severe droughts. In general, about 55% of the state is in extremely dry conditions.

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What about the drought situation in the southeastern United States?

Take a look at Nevada and California in 2021 completely in a drought now:

Virginia as well as North and South Carolina have not been spared from the dry spell either. Although New Mexico is generally a dry state, its moderate drought rates are 99%, severe droughts are 96%, extreme drought is 77%, and exceptional drought is 47%.

Although not much mentioned, approximately 6% of Texas is already experiencing an exceptional drought. This is in addition to the 32%, 20% and 12% of moderate, severe and extreme drought, respectively.

What are the consequences of the drought so far?

Take a look at Nevada and California in 2021 completely in a drought now:

Due to the drought, snowpack was below average this year, not to mention early snowmelt which raised concerns.

In addition, there are conflicts among farmers, tribes, upstream users, endangered fish, and municipal water systems over who should take precedence among limited water resources.

What’s the best way to deal with the drought?

Take a look at Nevada and California in 2021 completely in a drought now:

Contrary to what most people think, drought is not the result of mysterious CO2-based climate change. Instead, it is a combination of human action, natural phenomena and a lack of preparation, adaptation and problem-solving by the authorities.

Therefore, your best chance is not to wait for the government to come up with solutions to the drought in California and Nevada and beyond. Instead, you should do your best to prepare yourself and your families.

Check out this video from FOX 13 News Utah for a surprising video showing low water levels in Utah reservoirs:

There you have it, survivor. The drought is already here, and whatever the reasons you think may be causing it, all you can do is assume that reasonable solutions won’t come soon enough. Therefore, prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.

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