All Nonprofits Should Be Prepared For Google Grants

Getting Started

Usually nonprofits want to promote their ideas and programs. Their major purpose is to generate donations. Now they have adopted online strategy for their programs and the work they have done. But sometimes having a website alone is not an online strategy.

You just have to promote your website for receiving donations. For this purpose Google grant is there to help you. As a result Google grants are too good for your non profits. Google grant is basically free money for your advertising budget.

Jen Carpenter has published this post at about what Google Grants means for non profits:

How Google Grants Can Help Your Nonprofit Succeed in AdWords

Jen Carpenter
January 10, 2017P

Some of the biggest issues facing nonprofit organizations are getting the word out about their cause and raising money. Did you know that Google offers a program that can help you do both?

Google Ad Grants, which is part of the Google for Nonprofits program, gives approved nonprofit advertisers up to $10,000 per month in free advertising money. Whether you’re a novice advertiser or have more experience with AdWords – Google has options for both.

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Additionally there are several criteria that a business has to meet, so that they can be eligible for the Google grants program. It is basically designed to help nonprofits. The major focus is on the targeted audience that may be interested in what your nonprofit is doing.

Read this post by Aaron Souppouris at to see how Google Grant is making a difference for people:

Wayfindr gets Google grant to solve navigation for the blind

A former Ustwo free-time project aims to be a worldwide standard.
Aaron Souppouris

Wayfindr, the vision-impaired navigation solution originally conceived by multidisciplinary design studio Ustwo, is a step closer to becoming reality. After a pair of small-scale trials, the audio-based system is headed to London’s busy Euston station, which averages around 3.4 million visits per month. The pilot scheme uses Bluetooth beacons paired with regular smartphones to guide visually-impaired travellers around Euston’s complex web of interconnecting tunnels. But as exciting as the trial is for those involved, it’s a tiny fraction of what Wayfindr wants to achieve.

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Some major benefits of Google grants:

There are several benefits of using Google grant. Google grant helps you to increase your exposure. It is basically an open door in the world of online advertisements. It also allows nonprofit to build its online presence. Google grant is related with the Ad words.

Watch this video by TechSoup Canada to learn more about Google Grants and its usefulness for non profits:

There is vast number of tools which are very helpful for nonprofits. It shows the advertisement to the most targeted people. So your nonprofits ads can immensely benefit from the services of