Out Back with Jack Ep-3004 [PODCAST]

out back with jack ep 3004 [podcast]

The Survival Podcast’s new Friday show is featured in this episode. “Outback with Jack.”

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Out Back with Jack – Ep-3004

Our Friday show is today. “Outback with Jack”. These podcasts will be created via back porch live streaming sessions that are performed early Friday mornings. It will be around 0730-0830 CST.

These podcasts will sound a lot the same as old-School TSPC episodes cover a range of topics, some very current from the news. Each episode will include a bullet-point list of 5 topics.-12 topics I will be covering in a very short time-fire.

Then, we’ll talk about anything that the live audience brings up. with. These live streams are then converted to MP3s. They will then be published in the standard TSPC Podcast feeds. “Outback with Jack”

Today we discuss Dr. Oz’s fake ass life, indoor hydro, why we all believe in stupid shit at times, censorship, crypto’s blood bath, and more.

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Macallister Anderson

I am by no means an expert in every aspect of this stuff. I plan to learn, and when possible, enlist the help of experts in various fields to come together and offer their knowledge. In a few years, I dream that this site will be a virtual survival encyclopedia and allow a total novice to come on here and be supplied with everything they need to prepare for anything.

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