How to Prepare a Wedding in a Matter of Days

Low Cost Preps

True love may happen when you least expect it – some couples take years to decide to settle down while others can have an engagement and the wedding in less than three months. If you decided to get married soon, follow our tips to prepare, and pull off a dream wedding in in record time. A wedding is a very special event in every person’s life, especially for women, and there is no need not to organize a unique wedding just because you are a bit in a rush. To ensure your wedding is well prepared, work on the following major areas.

Picking the Ideal Venue

In the past, most couples usually had a traditional church wedding. However, more and more couples these days try to make a point by organizing original, unique and memorable events. The most important factor for preparing an ideal wedding is picking out your venue. While there are a lot of adorable, fairy tale-like places, most of them are rather expensive. You don’t need a fancy hotel or a popular venue to make a perfect wedding ceremony. Instead of booking the place months in advance, try finding a smaller hotel or a local wedding venue for the reception. An even better solution is to consider having a garden wedding or a beach wedding near you. By having a unique location and a modern approach, your wedding will definitely be more spectacular compared to others.

Make a short list of possible wedding venues and then check out the venue’s background. You want to pick out a place that already had experience with weddings. Only this way you be at peace knowing that the staff you hired has the right knowledge on handling necessary preparations. It would be very wise if you could consult with a local wedding planner and minimize the hassles associated with the preparation and finding suppliers.

An ideal venue will offer you various choices when it comes to the marriage ceremony and reception. Don’t be satisfied with stunning indoor and outdoor spaces, but also consider whether the venue can really accommodate all the guests you have invited to your ceremony and reception. Don’t forget to check the food the venue offers for your guests. If you have a limited budget, it would be best to opt for bed and breakfast wedding. B&B weddings are a great option for couples who need a beautiful wedding venue, and a place for their guests to stay. Food and décor can also be organized by the B&B wedding venue.

Wedding Gowns and Flowers

If you have the budget, go to your favorite designer and get a readily available wedding gown. If not, find a bridal store where you can choose a gown that suits your budget. You can find bridesmaids dresses at your local department store. Make sure you get all the right sizes for your bridesmaids and avoid going to alteration shops. Sometimes, you won’t be able to find all suitable dress sizes in one store, so if you have enough time, maybe it would be a better option to sew the dresses.

When it comes to flowers, you probably won’t be able to get the flowers you want in a couple of days. To avoid the hassle, ask your florist which flowers may be ordered and delivered just in time for your wedding day, and decorate your venue with what have at hand. Make sure you call all your available friends and family members to decorate the place as quickly as possible.