Be Prepared For Emergencies, Use Safe Bic Lighters

Getting Started

If you are going somewhere or are in any type of emergency, you need to have light so you must try bic lighters. Bic lighters are very helpful in emergencies. The reason is that they are very much safe to use as compared to match sticks. These lighters are available at your nearest shops. You can also buy them through online shopping.

Check out this post at to learn some creative ideas for reusing bic lighters:

Creative Ideas – How to Reuse Disposable BIC Lighters

It’s always nice to recycle something that we are going to discard and reuse it. The long-handled BIC lighter is a very useful tool to light up grills, fire pits, stoves, lanterns and candles. It is so easy and convenient to use that it is great for household uses and outdoor activities like camping in the mountains. Most people would throw it away when the lighter runs out. But did you know that you can actually refill it? This tutorial shows you a simple and cheap way to reuse disposable BIC lighters. Simply use a regular lighter to refill it and you can make it last forever! Follow the video and learn the details. Next time when you are throwing those BIC lighters, maybe you can try this cool hack!

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Why bic lighters are important?

People choose to buy bic lighters instead of match sticks or other type of light providing gadgets. Given below are the actual reasons that why people prefer to use bic lighters in case of emergencies.

• When starting a fire, lighters are a lot easier to use than other things.
• Match sticks are not reliable, they may have a small flame or they may also not be useful to you because they are not helpful in pleasant weather. Whereas, you can burn a bic lighter a thousand times.
• Bic lighters can also be used even if they get wet, you can dry them by blowing at the top surface.

Also read this post by Michelle Raphael at to learn how to refill:

How to Refill Disposable Bic Lighters

By Michelle Raphael

Lighters are not expensive items but their cost can add up if you constantly have to replace them. A cheaper option is to refill your lighter. Refilling your lighter will also help the environment as it lessens landfill waste. Bic disposable lighters can be refilled with butane. Butane is available at your local hardware store. Refilling lighters is dangerous and you have to be extra careful when handling butane.

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Use of bic lighters:

Bic lighters can be used during hiking, boating or even when you are travelling. They are very helpful and most preferable choice for you. They are your best companion especially in case of emergencies.

Watch this video by Sam Maghsoodloo to see for yourself how to refill a bic lighter:

Custom bic lighters are amazing as they can be easily used for brand promotion.