Preparing For Advertisements Of Tree Services

Getting Started

Let us find out that how can we advertise for our tree service business.

• Become Corporate Partners

Look around in your community, and find out friendly nonprofit organization. Join hands with that and become corporate partners. It is an effective way to advertise about what you are doing. Most of the times, such organizations host community events like that of tree planting on Earth day and Arbor day.

Here are some awesome marketing ideas by Chad Diller at

Our Best Marketing Ideas for Tree Service Companies

Posted By Chad Diller

Start generating quality leads with these tree service marketing ideas.Good news, good ideas do grow on trees. If you want to watch your tiny, sprouting tree service grow into a majestic tower of marketing prowess, it can happen. If you want to watch your withered, shriveled up tree service marketing ideas bud forth into life, that may be possible.

Over the past couple decades I’ve been involved in the Green Industry. I’ve held roles in production, selling and marketing. I’ve seen lots of horrible, average, and downright awesome methods of marketing for tree services. Some I’ve stumbled upon on my own, some from tree service industry experts, and a few learned from painful, personal mistakes.

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• Workshops

Leading tree workshops is another tremendous approach to promote your business. Most of them plant nurseries, build home improvement stores. In case you chose to teach a workshop by yourself, you can be entitled as a tree expert. In this way you can reach your potential customers by distributing your marketing material. You will get attention of your customers through promotion by the stores.

Check out this tragic story by Stefanie Valentic about an incident that you wouldn’t want to reach your customers:

Tree Service Worker Killed on First Day of Job

OSHA has cited New York-based Countryside Tree Service after a worker was killed after being pulled into a wood chipper his first day on the job.

Nov 14, 2016 Stefanie Valentic | EHS Today

Since 2011, tree service industry workers have suffered a six-fold increase nationally in the number of amputations due to wood chippers. OSHA has received 19 severe injury reports since 2015 related to wood chippers with injuries including amputations and head trauma.

Recently, during his first day on the job, 23-year-old Countryside Tree Service employee Justus Booze was pulled into a wood chipper, killing him.

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• Smart Phone Application

Developing a cell phone application is another innovative approach to publicize your business. As indicated by Pew Internet, twenty nine percent of grown-up cell phone clients have downloaded an application to their phone, including thirteen percent who have paid in order to download an application. A cell phone application permits your business to be in reach of imminent clients.

Watch this video by John Davis about effective marketing of tree service business:

In this way, professional arborist can spread awareness for customers and educate them.