Preparing for Martial Law [PODCAST]

preparing for martial law [podcast]

Survivalist Prepper’s episode focuses on martial law.

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Preparing for Martial Law

Preppers often imagine what Martial Law would mean for their lives. But, what are the chances of it being enacted and at what scale? It’s also important to note that Martial Law doesn’t need to be enacted for them to do whatever they want.

In the show, we discussed what the different forms of Martial Law might look like, how it’s been implemented in the past, and how laws already on the books make it possible for them to sidestep Martial Law.

Presidents and politicians have made laws over the years that allow them to do whatever they want in the name safety and security. Anti-hoarding and eminent jurisdiction allow them to get whatever they want from whomever they like. The big question is, will they?

The Blabbercast

We talked about the Blabbercast and how it was created right before the live stream on SurvivalPreppers YouTube channel. You should be subscribed to youtube and the audio podcast on your preferred podcasting platform.

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