Public Mass Shooting, Prevent Yourself From Becoming The Victim

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TheOmaha Nebraska Mall Mass Shooting: I realized that I, or a family member, could have been among the victims.

It has become more apparent that mass public shootings in America are increasing in frequency. It is no longer possible to live our lives in the comfort of knowing that we are safe when out in public.

The innocent victims of the Omaha shooting were not concerned about their safety as malls are supposed be safe.

I have never been to a mall and thought about it. “I wonder if some lunatic will start shooting people here”American society has always understood that violent crimes rarely occur in public places.

Because of the high odds of being caught, a criminal would rather find a victim in a quiet place than a crowd.

TheProblem is, we aren’t dealing with a typical criminal looking to commit a crime and then escape.

TheThe person responsible for the mass shooting does not intend to escape, but he/she is fully committed to suicide or being killed by the police.

TheMass shooter chooses to attack public places because they are full of innocent, unarmed civilians who make easy targets. TheMass shooters want to kill as many people quickly as possible, which is why crowded public spaces are preferred.

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It is futile to try to understand why people kill innocent people, before they kill themselves or are killed by the police.

TheHuman mind is complex and difficult to understand. Therefore, we might never be able to determine what triggers mass murder.

TheImportant is that civilians understand that the mass shooting rampage in public places is a real threat. They need to take steps and protect themselves and their loved ones.

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Public Mass Shooting, Prevent Yourself From Becoming The Victim

man holding a gun behind his back against a black background | Mass Shooting

Here are my ideas on keeping it clean. YourselfStaying Safer Public Places:

1. Obtain a Concealed Firearms Permit

Revolver and Bullets and Concealed Weapon Permit | Mass Shooting

Consider obtaining a permit to conceal firearms if your state permits it. Concealed firearms are becoming more popular among criminals. It is a smart move to get one.

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It is a big responsibility to have a concealed firearms permit. Each state has its own guidelines for applying for concealed firearms permits. The rules are designed to eliminate those who do not have a business with concealed firearms.

You know yourself better than anyone and if you don’t think you are responsible enough to carry a concealed firearm, then don’t.

2. Buy a Firearm that Is Right For You

Exhibition of guns, a buyer test the product | Mass Shooting

Talk with an expert about firearms at your local shooting range or club. This person should know that you are interested to learn more about concealed carry handgun models.

This is an important step because if you intend on carrying a gun concealed in your waistband you don’t want to buy a big bulky gun.

The best part for women is that they have many options when it comes to choosing the right gun. They can also carry the gun with them in their purse. Men must conceal their handgun in their pants pocket, waistband, ankle holster or fanny pack.

Because my concealed handgun is easy to reach, I prefer it to be in my waistband. I like fanny packs but I don’t like the fact that I will have to take time to unzip the bag if I need my gun.

A holster for your ankle can help you draw your gun quickly, both standing and sitting.

3. Learn to be proficient with your firearm

Outdoor gun shooting of target range | Mass Shooting

Don’t even consider being a candidate for a concealed firearms permit if you don’t have the time or desire to go to the shooting range. If you can’t hit the targets at the shooting range, how can you engage an armed homicidal subject in a crowded public place.

You must practice, practice and practice until you become proficient in using a handgun.

You don’t have to become an expert marksman but you need to be proficient with your handgun. Your handgun is a tool that you can use to keep yourself safe. You need to be able to operate it.

4. When in an emergency, think like an off-duty police officer PublicPlaces

Private detective with modern camera | Mass Shooting

Over 18 years I have been a police officer. I constantly scan my surroundings for any signs of danger or suspicious activity when I’m off-duty.

Because our job is to observe and watch people and their surroundings, this comes as a natural result for Police Officers. When I was a Police Officer for 2 to 3 years, I noticed things that I didn’t see in my family and friends.

My friends and I were beginning to believe we were all blind, but then I realized my job had made me a human surveillance camera.

I always scan the immediate area around me before I enter any public area. I am searching for any person or persons acting outside the norm for law-abiding civilians who are in a public area.

I would be suspicious of someone wearing heavy clothing in the warm months, or looking around frantically. You will be amazed at how 99.9% go about their day in the same manner if you begin to observe people in public.

I become suspicious of anyone who acts out of the norm when I am on routine patrol at work.

Off-duty makes me suspicious if I see anyone acting outside the norm of a law-abiding citizen. I always look at the areas that are farthest from me to see if there are any signs of distress or danger, such as running, shouting or a large crowd.

Consider yourself a human surveillance camera. While you’re walking in public places, your eyes are constantly scanning for people and analysing their actions. It will become second nature, just like it is for Police Officers.

5. The Layout of the PublicPlaces You Should Visit

The man stand in the smash crowd stream. Evening night time | Mass Shooting

Knowing the layout of the public area you are visiting will help you escape from a potentially life-threatening situation.

Know the exit/entranceways so you won’t have to think about an escape route during a dangerous situation. If you are in a dangerous situation, avoid the main exits. They could be traps.

An individual intent on murder would choose to enter a public place from the most crowded area, which is usually at the main entrance.

6. Prepare a Plan for When You Need It YourselfIn the Middle of a PublicShooting

Nice caucasian male in headset is confidently teaching woman to use rifle | Mass Shooting

I learned the value of having a plan from working with a tactical team. Failure to plan is planning for failure.

If you find yourself in these dire situations, you should have a plan. This could be a plan.

1. You can conceal and cover yourself

2. If possible, dial 911

3. Retreat from the source of danger when safe (don’t run blindly)

4. You should always have a gun on you (if you have a permit to conceal firearms) and be ready for action!

My plan of action for an off-duty police officer would be different than that of a civilian. I, as a Police Officer am bound to protect the lives of all those living in the immediate vicinity of the threat.

This is how I would plan if there was a mass shooting in public. Keep in mind that plans can change and may be altered at any moment.

Be prepared to alter your plan at a moment’s notice. I would seek cover and concealment to ensure my safety. I would then arm myself and locate the exact location of the threat. I would then quickly move towards the threat to eliminate it.

We are witnessing an increase in these mass shootings. There is no reason to believe that this is the end of the shooting rampage.

TheThe best thing you can do for your safety is to be aware and aware of the possibility of a mass shooting in any public place you frequent.

Contact your local police headquarters to learn more about concealed firearms permits.

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