Steps taken Before One is Considered Disabled


One cannot just wake up one day and decide that they are now disabled in the UK. There are measures that have been laid down in order to have the disabled community protected. If guidelines are not put into place then anybody can just decide to call the disability living allowance contact number in the in order to claim for the living allowance. This may particularly be applicable to the individuals who are lazy and do not want to work in order to enjoy the free money. Foreigners who are conmen can also take advantage of the fund and may end up exploiting it to their own advantage as a result of easy money. The following are the steps taken before one can be declared that they are now disabled.

Confirmation of an Unfortunate Event

For one to be disabled there must have been an accident, disease or a fight. The individual usually ends up in hospital but there must have been a cause that has led to an injury. Accidents are not just those that occur on the road, they also happen with bicycles and motor cycles amongst many other moving machines. One can also be disabled as a result of an injury acquired at a working place. Those who handle moving machines should be careful not to acquire injuries. The moving machines are a major cause of injury which may end up in disabilities too.

Treatment from the Hospital

It is never the desire of anybody to be a disabled person. It is the pride of each and every individual to have their body function naturally. However injury and accidents sometimes are inevitable. This may finally end up with a disability. Before being disabled the professional doctors will have to have tried their best to treat the individual. Various forms of treatments should have been applied. After the doctors have tried their best to return the body to its original state without success then one can be declared to be a disabled person.

Counselling sessions

It is not easy to accept that one cannot continue with their normal life in their natural normal body stature. The person should be taken through counselling sessions for them to be prepared for their new kind of life. This can be done by a professional counsellor or the doctor. The patient is carefully taken through the reasons which have led to the situation. There are some people who may suffer from depression which may end up in death if not handled carefully.

Registration at the Disability Association

One should then be registered with the Association of the disabled. This is done in order to get assistance from the local authorities in their new condition. They can call the contact number for dla in the UK or they can walk into their offices in order to complete the registration process.