Summer in the Woods: How to Keep Cool While Hunting

Summer hunting and you are Elmer Fudd. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. It might also be fun if you just let the excitement down.

Unlike Bugs Bunny’s bald-headed nemesis, you can be the fonzie of the hunt. As cool as ice, stable as God’s cube. Stay calm and your mind and body will follow suit.

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7 Cool Tips On How To Keep It Cool While Hunting

1. Be prepared

This Boy Scout-inspired encouragement is as obvious as it gets. To be prepared means to be ready to face any challenge. Time can be an ally or an enemy. Plan everything in advance, play through possible scenarios and develop solutions based on them.

2. Observe

On a rainy day, a hunter stands in front of the summer hunting pulpit

Look around. Check your surroundings. Investigate the hunting ground. Know where the target operates, how it works, and when it operates. The information you collect is critical to the success of your surgery. Knowledge is power.

3. Focus

Young hunter man with a shotgun hides in the reeds near the pond summer hunting

It’s summer hunting. Forget everything else. When you work, you work hard. The same goes for hunting. When you hunt, you hunt harder. You’ve waited days or even weeks for this. Pay attention to the price.

4. Get distractedIn the warm light of the late afternoon sun, a hunter sits on the bench in front of his summer hunt

But not so much. All you need is some distraction to give your mind some rest. Ever heard of tunnel vision? If you focus too much on something, your perspective will get stuck in a rut. You need to find a new perspective without losing sight of your gameplay. Who knows what other ideas you might have to sharpen your plan.

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5. Breathe

Hunter with dogs during rest on autumn hunt summer hunting

Do you know why yoga people emphasize the importance of breathing? Because it helps your mind to be more efficient. It’s about the right flow of oxygen in your body. It maintains the balance between yin and yang. Or what ever. Just breathe. It makes you feel good.

6. Feel good

A hunter sits with his Irish setter pointer on a tree stump on a mountainside summer hunt

Nothing beats feeling good about yourself. When you feel good, you do things better. When you do things better, you will feel better. Feel good because you are an ascendant in a long line of survivors. From the primeval mud to you – a well developed creature reading this on your phone right now. Feel good, you master of your destiny.

7. Have fun

Hunters stand in the forest and discuss something together - summer hunting

Hunting should be a pleasant hobby. Yes, it’s a competitive endeavor too. You should never forget to perfect your skills to perfection. But never forget that you hunt because it’s fun. And instinctively we are both hunters and gatherers.

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So just keep your mind cool and your body will follow. Happy summer hunting!

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How do you keep a cool head when hunting? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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