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Unexpected storms can pose a serious problem for those who are not prepared. Set up an emergency weather alarm to ensure you are prepared for any weather-related disruptions.

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Four easy steps to set up emergency weather alerts

Step 1: Visit The Weather Channel website

The Weather Company, also known as The Weather Channel is an information technology company that forecasts weather., which you own and manage, is one of the most important weather forecasting websites.

Visit their website to register for their weather alert service.

Step 2: Next, go to the Weather Alerts section

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You will find several options in the Alerts section for which types of weather alerts that you wish to receive. offers many options that are not available on other websites for weather forecasting.

These notifications can be customized to suit your needs. These are the following:

  • Weather warnings severe
  • Daily forecasts
  • Daily updates
  • Rain warnings
  • Snow warnings
  • Precipitation warnings for icy conditions
  • Extreme heat warnings
  • Pollen warnings
  • Daily surf and sea conditions

The pollen alarms are great for gardeners. They can measure the number of pollen grains per cubic meter, or the amount of pollen in the air. People with seasonal allergic rhinoitis will appreciate the ability to measure pollen grains per cubic meter of air. Pollen may also be a trigger for their allergy symptoms.

You can also find information about the surf conditions, wind conditions, and swell direction for your area by looking at the daily surf and sea conditions.

Clicking the link will take you to the Severe Weather Warnings section. These include warnings for severe weather conditions like hurricane, ice storm or tornado, snowstorm, severe thunderstorm and others.

After you’ve chosen the notification types that you wish to sign up, you can enter your location in “Enter US City/Zip Code”. This will instruct the website to send you relevant alerts based on your location.

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Step 3: Examine your personal data

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Next, create your account. Next, enter your email address. This email address will also be the default recipient of weather alerts.

Text messages can be sent to your mobile phone as well. In the box below, enter your mobile number. “Wireless text delivery address”. Also, you must check your age by clicking the drop-down menu below and selecting the year of your birth. “Year of birth”.

Be sure to read the terms before you continue. You can opt in to receive emails from The Weather Company or third-party sponsors to inform you about special offers.

Although it is optional, most companies will try to include it in the account registration process. If you do not want to receive emails from them, uncheck the box.

Step 4: Keep an eye on your account

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You are almost done! It’s almost over. You should now be taken to your account home page by clicking “Next”. You can view the weather alerts and touchpoints you’ve added, such as your mobile number and email address. This page also shows the location you receive notifications.

You can edit your preferences to receive any notification from your home page. You can also select where you want to receive the notification. This could be via email or your phone.

You can also add or change notifications, sign up to receive desktop notifications, and you can even create new notifications.

This video is courtesy FEMA. Now that you have your weather alerts in place, show your children how to prepare for major weather-related catastrophes.

You have it! To ensure that you are prepared for all weather-related emergencies, set up emergency alerts via email as well as your cell phone.

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Have any questions about how to set up email emergency email notifications? Leave them a comment below with any questions!


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