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Survival Medicine Podcast: Rats and Instruments for Hair Loss [PODCAST]



survival medicine podcast: instruments, rats, hair loss [podcast]

Survival Medicine Podcast’s episode focuses on Rats, Instruments, and Hair Loss.

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Survival Medicine Podcast: Rats and Instruments for Hair Loss

Some of the items you have in your medical storage, such as instruments and dressings, might be already sterilized. However, in survival, many dressings get ingested and sterile instruments are dirty. The question is how to sterilize your reusable supplies and make a sterile supply store. Dr. Joe Alton discusses ways to disinfect disposable, as well as reusable items following a long-term catastrophe.

Rodent infestations, such as rats or mice, can be a significant obstacle to sanitation and good health. Your food supply can be contaminated by their droppings, urine and saliva as well as nests. This can make it more difficult. Dr. Bones explains how to keep your retreat rodent free.

Plus, a listener asks about alopecia, a hair loss condition that can be hard to deal with, in good times and bad.

All of this and more on the Survival Medicine Podcast, featuring Joe Alton MD & Amy Alton NP.

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