The things you need to know about plastic surgery


When it comes to plastic surgery, one of the most interesting things is that your age isn´t a determining factor. But your health may be, which is why you will have to pass the series of tests before undergoing surgery. If you turn out to be ineligible for the surgeon you´re considering, consult with your doctor about other available methods.

Also, the interesting thing to know is that there are procedures appropriate for every age group, so you don´t have to rush if there are non-invasive methods more suitable for your age.

What happens in your 30s?

The key to maintaining the fresh and young look is in prevention. As you transition to 30s, it´s necessary to start to think about the ways of avoiding wrinkles and lines which are the most noticeable around your eyes, forehead and mouth. Of course, at that age, there´s no need for invasive methods, so you better consult your doctor to inform you about other ways to keep the fresh look.

What about your 40s?

Aging is much more visible at this stage of your life. After-effect of having children, everyday stress or sun damage are more pronounced on your face and body, and this is the right time to consider liposuction and injectables. At this stage, your face is losing fat which makes your wrinkles more visible, and even some dry spots may appear on your face. So the right thing to do is to take out the fat from the places you don´t want it and put it where it´s needed. Also, this is the time to think about cellulite since the level of estrogen is decreasing and fat is building on the cellulite affected areas. Even though cellulite cannot be removed, certain massage techniques can stimulate collagen production, making the affected areas less visible.

What can you do after you reach the 50s?

At this age, you´re probably going to experience some saggy skin, especially on the neck and on the face. At this point, fillers and injectables are certainly not the way to go. The best way to deal with loose skin is to surgically remove it (face lifting included). The procedure can make you look 10 years younger.

Keep in mind that plastic surgery is not a necessity. But if you want to change the way you look, you need to consider next:

  • plastic surgery or some non-invasive procedure won´t lead you to perfection, but will improve the way you look,
  • most health plans do not include cosmetic procedures so you´ll have to think about the expenses,
  • consider the time needed for your recovery, because it may take days, weeks, or even months to recover.

Of course, this article is just a small insight into the matter. You can also contact the professionals from respected Egozi center and ask whatever confuses you, and if you want to find out more About Egozi Plastic Surgery Center, visit their website and see what kind of procedures they can offer to you.