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Thrilling Drives Await: Discover Test Track at Epcot Center!

A New Adventure at Epcot’s Test Track

Walt Disney Imagineers have truly outdone themselves with the re-imagined Test Track at Epcot. Stepping into this revamp, you’ll find an experience that marries advanced design and interactivity. The new Test Track allows you to create your own virtual concept cars and see how they perform on the challenging track ahead. Technologies like LED lighting and a sleek, modern aesthetic breathe new life into the attraction, adding to its allure.

Next, our travel blogger, The Hip Travel Mama, shared her exclusive tour insights through a partnership with Expedia. Walking through the attraction, she highlighted the seamless mix of education and excitement, showcasing how the Imagineers focused not only on thrill but also on the intricacies of design and innovation. This revamped Test Track does more than deliver adrenaline – it educates guests on vehicle design principles in a way that’s both delightful and immersive.

Finally, as you follow The Hip Travel Mama’s inside tour, it’s clear that this new version of Test Track strikes a perfect balance between entertainment and learning. The interactive elements let visitors engage directly with the design process, making for a memorable experience that leaves you enriched. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or a tech enthusiast, the new Test Track is undeniably a must-visit at Epcot.

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