Top 5 Best Camping Stoves

top 5 best camping stoves

Nothing beats cooking outdoors after a day of backpacking, kayaking, or hiking. The best camping stove can make the difference between success and failure.

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The only best camping stove set you will ever need

1. Jetboil Genesis Basecamp Camping Stove System

The Jetboil Genesis Basecamp camping cooking system will transform your backcountry cooking experience. It is a super-efficient and fast two-burner stove, with a 10-inch fry pan and a 5-liter saucepan.

The entire package weighs in at 9 pounds and is lightweight enough to be carried outdoors.

You can boil a full liter of water with the Jetboil Genesis camp stove in three minutes. The Jetboil Genesis propane bottle can heat up to 48 liters. Jetboil is able to maintain a simmer temperature of 0 degrees Celsius thanks to its patented regulator valve technology.

The four-stroke engine allows for constant fuel flow adjustment, ensuring even heat.

This camping stove includes a reliable, lever igniter that will not require you to bring a matchbox. Jet-Link compatibility means that the Jetboil Genesis can be connected to other stoves and accessories, allowing you to make the perfect camping kitchen for your friends and family before you leave.


The five-liter pot features a flux ring technology that ensures even heating. It also has fuel efficiency. Insulated handles are included as well as an integrated strainer.

The camping stove can be folded into two pieces to fit inside the pot.


  • Cook evenly
  • It has a great design
  • Easy heat control


  • The windshield could be difficult to use

2. Stansport Outfitter Series 2-burner propane camping stove

Morning breakfast in front of the tent |  The best portable camping stoves

The camping stoves of the Stansport Outfitter series are not among the best for nothing. These stoves are designed to be more efficient if you cook outdoors for large groups.

Two large burners give off 25,000 BTUs of heat for cooking on a campsite. The piezoelectric ignition means matches don’t have to be a problem while cooking. But that’s not all. To protect the flame, windshields are attached to the stove from each side.

The drip pan and steel frame make it easy to maintain and last a long time. The camping stove can be folded up easily for storage.


  • Is energy saving
  • Has great frame control
  • It comes in a convenient size


  • A handle is missing

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MSR WindBurner camping stove systems

Two women cook hiking food on a gas stove |  The best portable camping stoves

New wind burner stove systems offer windproof performance in a variety of sizes and cooking styles, giving you enough versatility to make a solo meal one day and a feast the next.

The Windburner collection also includes the original quick-cook duo system and the combo system with a saucepan. The complete line of modular accessory pans comes with a stockpot large enough to make large-volume meals.

Each system is powered by the Windburner technology and delivers excellent results in cold and windy backcountry conditions.

The new systems feature a separate canister cooker, which is compatible with all Windburner pots. It also offers stability for the larger pots.

The radiant burner, which is the core of the system’s performance is wind-resistant, is therefore more durable than traditional open-wood stoves. To maximize heat transfer and keep out wind, the burner is enclosed in each pot.

The stove will also run more efficiently in colder temperatures thanks to an internal pressure regulator.

Because the pots and wind burners are modular and nested, you can only bring what you need for any adventure.


  • It’s fuel efficient
  • Easy to use


  • It could be prone to rust

4. Eureka! Ignite portable camping stove with two burners

Hipster tourist happy young woman enjoys |  The best portable camping stoves

This Eureka Ignite stove is the best camping stove for a reason. With the stove’s ignition, you can enjoy precise and easy control over your outdoor cooking.

Eureka’s two-turn simmer control gives you more options than other camping stoves.

You can adjust the heating power for each burner to avoid uneven or burned food.

The camping stove’s non-slip rubber feet and stainless steel drip tray make cleaning easy.

The large space between the burners allows for two 10-inch pans to be used simultaneously, which gives you many cooking options.

The Eureka Ignite stove can be connected to your propane tank via a regulator. It is also Jet-Link compatible. This means that you can connect it with other Eureka and Jetboil cooking systems to run them all on one gas source.


  • It has a high energy input
  • Is Jet-Link Compatible
  • It comes with non-slip rubber feet


  • May not have enough space when cooking with large pots

5. Primus Kinjia – 2-burner gas stove for advanced camping kitchens

Breakfast in front of the tent |  The best portable camping stoves

This two-burner gas cooker from Kinja has sides made of die-cast aluminum and a powder-coated steel construction with brass and oak details.

The camping stove has an easy to use mechanism. To attach the regulator to the gas bottle, you simply need to remove the hose from the regulator.

Turn the handle to open the lid. Flip the grill upside-down to turn on the stove. One revolution ignition guarantees constant power output for every cooking process.

Easy to clean stainless steel griddles and drip trays are also dishwasher safe.

The drip tray has a slight beveled edge to prevent grease and dirt from accumulating on the burners.


  • It is easy to clean
  • Has great frame control
  • It has a flexible propane hose


  • Wind can be a problem without the windshields

Check out this video from Review Tube on Camping Stoves: Best Camping Stoves:

A nutritious warm meal after a long day of trekking are moments for all of us, but of course with the right camping stove. However, choosing the best camping stove requires that you consider weight, size, fuel type, and other factors.

While smaller gas stoves can be lighter and more affordable, larger options have enough space to cook for a large camp. You can narrow down your options to find the right camping stove for you.

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Have you used this before? What camping stove can you recommend? Comment below to let us know your opinion!


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