Top Reasons to Have a Firepit

There is nothing like a nice fire pit to warm up on cold nights. What’s stopping you from having one in the comfort of your own yard?

Who knows, maybe this article is the inspiration you need, so keep reading.

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Why Build a DIY Fire Pit?

A good excuse to get together

Fire pits are an excellent excuse for you and your friends and family to reconnect. What could be more inspiring for an evening conversation than the warmth of a fire?

Ever since our ancestors discovered fire, it has become an indispensable community tool. In addition to providing light and safety, the warmth of fire nourished civilizations.

Who knows what philosophical treatises or scientific ideas have been forged from campfire meetings? In this age when technology is in reality despite the promise to bring us together, keeping all alienated, real human contact is more important than ever. And restoring our damaged social relationship could begin from a small fireplace.

Top 4 Reasons You Should Have a Fire Pit

1. It makes your home more stylish

a beautiful sunset scene on a dock with a fire pit fire pit

Who says you have to spend hundreds of dollars to make your patio or yard plush? A simple stone fireplace, for example, could transform the unpretentious back yard into something the Queen of England would approve of. Or maybe not. But you understand what’s important, don’t you?

The cool thing is that you don’t have to use up your annual savings to start this project. A short drive to the nearest home depot is enough. It would also be great if you live near quarries or a place where stones are free to collect. Once you have the raw materials, all you need is a little manpower and, of course, your creativity.

2. It provides easy pleasure for the family

View of fire pit and happy smiling family of two, father and son fire pit

If you think a fire pit is just a fancy facility with limited uses, you have not yet reached its full potential. In fact, a fire pit can be used all year round. Winter, spring, summer or autumn, fire pits can be enjoyed by the whole family.

A fireplace provides warmth and comfort on colder nights. A perfect centerpiece for gatherings and conversations. But you can also use these amenities in less colder times of the year. For example, you can have an outdoor party on summer evenings. What could be nicer than a couple of friends enjoying a beer and a barbecue in the courtyard in front of a soothing fireplace?

3. It’s flexible

Fire pit on the beach fire pit

No. A fire pit is not a one-trick pony. Aside from making your home look cooler, you can build it in any outdoor area as well. Regardless of the size of your garden, there is a special fire pit that will fit nicely. Firepit designs are diverse these days. The possibilities are limitless. The only limit is your imagination. Would you like a fire pit that looks like something out of a Viking movie? No sweat!

The most common type of fireplace is the traditional one that uses wood as fuel. The thing is, the wood-burning fire pit isn’t that cool when it comes to the environment. Good thing there are other options these days to choose from. One possibility is the natural gas fireplace. A natural gas fireplace is smoke free but requires a professional to operate it. A more user-friendly alternative is a propane fire pit. This option is portable, so it is great for camping and other remote outdoor activities.

4. It brings people together

Friends laughing, singing and playing guitar around the outdoor fire pit

As mentioned, fire pits have been the first communal hotspot for humans since the dawn of civilization. No wonder that the ambience of a primitive fireplace is still simulated today at luxurious gatherings. Company meetings take place while artificial fire pits or chimneys burn in the background.

A fireplace created the atmosphere of a sociable get-together. Long and meaningful evenings with friends and family are best enjoyed in front of a warm fire. It provides subtle entertainment for people without creating too much distraction. It is only there to lubricate fearful tongues that would otherwise freeze in silence and isolation.

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How to Build a Fire Pit

Round metal grill on the beach, with a hole with fire in the middle hearth

Now that you have a reason to have a fire pit in your home, it’s time to build one. Below are simple steps on how to make a fire pit.

Step 1: Choose a location

Decide where the best spot in your yard or patio is to set up your DIY fire pit. Choose a safe location away from flammable materials such as trees, grass, and wooden structures.

Step 2: mark up and set up the site

Mark the location and prepare it by removing unwanted obstacles like grass, small trees, stones, and other unwanted materials.

Step 2: build the gravel base

Your fireplace needs a solid foundation for longevity. Gravel is the ideal material for building the base. Lay gravel evenly on the base.

Step 4: lay it out

When you have finished with the base, you can now design the basic structure of your fireplace with uniformly cut stones.

Step 5: secure the blocks

Now that you’ve tested the blocks and made sure everything is okay, you can use construction glue to attach your fire pit in place. Always gentle.

Safety comes before pleasure

Mature friends enjoying an outdoor dinner around the fire pit

You have heard this advice a thousand times, but unfortunately it is not being heeded enough. So, we remind you once again to always put safety on the list of priorities. Combustible materials such as wood, plastic and paper should be placed a few feet away from the pit. Make sure that children do not play with fire. For those who use natural gas or a propane fire pit, make sure you know what you are doing. When in doubt, leave it to the experts.

Check out this How To Home Build Your Own Smokeless Fire Pit Video:

Your terrace or garden doesn’t have to be a boring place to linger. With a bit of imagination and some work, you can turn it into the hottest place in town. By building a simple fire pit, you can make boring evenings a pleasure again. Enjoy and stay safe!

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What do you think is the best recreational activity in front of a fireplace? Feel free to share your warm thoughts in the comments section below!


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