Tsunami Preparedness | It’s Better Safe Than Submerged

tsunami preparedness | it's better safe than submerged

Prepare for tsunamis with these tips. When the earth begins to rumble, and the ocean rises and falls at alarming rates, preparedness will be your strong defense and salvation. Learn how to keep safe amid this wall of death.

Tsunami Preparedness | It’s Better Safe Than Submerged

Always, someone is trapped in a dangerous survival situation. Tsunamis, which are huge tidal waves that strike the land, is one example. This happens when something interrupts the ocean’s normal activity such as an earthquake or underwater volcanic eruption, monstrous seismic sea waves will form and this is exceedingly damaging. We can still stay safe and survive the tsunami by being prepared. Here are some tips that will save your life during a tsunami.


Don’t Go Near The Shore

When you see a tsunami approaching, you don’t need to go near the shore and watch it like your favorite action flick. Avoid beaches, coastlines, and any other bodies of water. To save yourself from this deadly rampage, you need to run as fast possible.


Get to Higher Grounds
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Should a tsunami befall, you don’t have to wait for a warning –you need to run! Stay on the higher ground. Tsunamis can occur within minutes of an earthquake, and they can be very swift. It is best to move to a higher location at least ten metres above sea level immediately after an earthquake, especially for those who live in coastal and low-lying areas. Higher is better.

Monitor The Tsunami

Tsunamis occur in various waves that happen minutes apart. Do not go back to coastal areas until authorities allow it. Stay vigilant and watch the tsunami’s progress. Your local officials should be consulted and your highest respect for their guidance.

The Aftermath

The Aftermath | Tsunami Preparedness | Survival Life Tips

After a tsunami unleashes its wrath, a flood is sure to follow. It is dangerous to drive or walk through flood so it is wise to wait for the local announcement that it is safe to go out. Before you leave, coordinate with rescue personnel to make evacuation plans.


For more trustworthy tips and tricks on how you can stay safe in a tsunami, check out this video!


Sumatra TsunamiThis massive, insurmountable wall of water claimed a lot lives and damaged properties worth billions of dollar from 2004 to 2011. It is important to remember the lessons from these heartbreaking episodes. Mother nature’s ferocity is so relentless, powerful, swift and can strike anytime so we have to stay vigilant as much as possible and be prepared at all times.

Tsunami Preparedness | Survival Life Tips

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Check out Tsunami Preparedness | Survival Life Tips at https://survivallife.com/tsunami-preparedness/

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