Upcycling Ideas for Students – 15 Upcycle Projects to Help Kids| 15 Upcycle Projects for Kids

upcycling ideas for students | 15 upcycle projects for kids

You can keep your students busy while saving money by engaging in creative upcycling.

This roundup is sure to inspire you, no matter what your level of inspiration.

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15 Cool Upcycling Ideas Every Student Should Learn

1. Masks made of painted egg carton masquerade

Do you have egg cartons you haven’t discarded yet? Make different mask shapes with them and let your children paint them. Once perfectly dried, add strings or ear loops to hold them to the kiddies’ faces.

The best thing is that aside from masquerade masks,  there are a ton of things you can do with egg cartons.

2. Crayon blocks

Every child has some broken crayons that have seen better days. They are directly proportional with the number of children in your house. Instead of throwing them out, you can melt them and make crayon blocks from them.

This saves money and helps you reduce wastage. However, silicon molds are required to make the blocks.



Tip:To create Ombre crayon blocks, pour multiple colors into each section.

3. Upcycled Tee Bracelets

You probably have fabric scraps if you love upcycled clothing. You may have some bright-colored tshirts that your kids have outgrown. No matter what, cut them into small strips and braid them together to make a necklace.

Tip:You have the option to choose monochrome or mix-and-match designs.

4. Plastic Waterfall

Plastic bottles can be frustrating, but not when they can be turned into a water feature for your kids, especially on hot summer days. For the glue to attach the bottles to a wall you will only need a few bottles.

Tip:It is important to place them in the right alignment on the wall for a flowy waterfall effect.

5. Coffee container planters

Do you have a little green thumb? These dainty planters will keep them busy in the garden. These containers are great for encouraging them to plant seeds in their garden and then transferring them to the garden.

Tip:They look great hanging or on a garden bench.

6. Bird feeder made from recycled materials

You will have many soup cans, as canned food is a big part of being a prepper. Don’t throw them away! Instead, have your children make colorful bird feeders for the garden.

Don’t worry if you do not have a garden because these will still look great on your balcony. You can make feeders and turn them into waterers to attract birds.

7. Plastic Skipping Rope

The result of weekly grocery shopping? More plastic bags than what you need. You can reduce the bulk of the bags and the environmental dangers by cutting them into strips. Then, make braided skipping lines from the strips.

Sellotape is a great way to seal edges and give you excellent grip when skipping.

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8. Cereal Box City

A staple breakfast cereal in many American households is breakfast cereal. This staple can be used to its fullest extent by allowing your children to upcycle the boxes. They can paint and label them to make a city.

This is a great activity to do with kids at sleepovers and playdates.

Tip:To avoid any accidents, you may have to cut the boxes by yourself.

9. TP Spy Binoculars

Pairs of binoculars are a great way to help your kids see the world without scaring the birds. You only need yarn, glue, or toilet paper rolls and, of course, crayons or stickers to customize the binoculars to your child’s liking.

10. The Dome

You’d be surprised at how quickly newspapers can accumulate in your office, especially if they are daily readers. You can offset the newspaper pile by recycling them into building blocks that you can use to create geodesic shapes such as domes.

If treated as a tent, this will be a great spot to hang out with your kids during sleepovers.

11. CD Dream Catchers

Did you know that old CDs are great dream catchers for your patio. It’s possible to find old CDs in your arctic or shed, which can be used as dream catchers for your patio.

To make the CDs more memorable and fun, you can use different colors of yarns to weave different patterns.

12. Planters of Painted Cans

Upcycling ideas for students lists wouldn’t be complete without the timeless painted can planter hack. This clever, easy-to-use and fun way to kill many birds is simple. That is, you sharpen your kid’s painting and creativity skills, reduce wastage and improve their gardening skills.

Tip:You can go in any direction with this upcycling hack. Plastic cans can be transformed into many different shapes.

13. Bowling: Can it be done?

Soup cans can be used to upcycle many things. These cans are great for upcycling planters, bird feeders and waterers. They also make great targets for make-believe bowling.

Wash the cans together with your children, then let them decorate them with paint, paper cuts or other favorite accessories. You can stack them and then throw a tennisball at them.

14. Marker Pen Crockery

Children, just like adults, are attached to the spoons, mugs and plates they love, no matter how old they may be. You can give your children the opportunity to personalize such beloved crockery with permanent marker pen drawings.

This allows your children to not only renovate the crockery but also gives them a chance of developing a sense ownership.

15. Toilet roll garage made from upcycled materials

Imagine your children having a garage to store all their race cars toys. This will eliminate the need to clutter up your living area and save you money on storage.

A couple of cardboard-covered toilet rolls are all you need. You can give your garage a more authentic feel by having your munchkins label it with toilet rolls and making road markings.

Here it is, preppers. These ideas can’t be beat. These ideas can be taken in many different directions depending on what materials you have. Aluminum can planters are also possible if you do have no coffee containers.

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Do you have upcycling ideas for students you’d like to share with us? Leave a comment below to let us know your upcycling ideas for students!

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