We Fell Down the Mountain [PODCAST]

we fell down the mountain [podcast]

This episode of Out Alive is a Backpacker podcast about how they fell down a mountain.

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We Fell Down the Mountain

Many survival stories involve some element of helplessness. When you’re far from civilization hurt, unable to move. There’s little, you can do to keep yourself alive. It’s helplessness that sets in when things get really, really bad, but there’s another feeling, however, dim that keeps you going: hope. Even though you might not be able to help yourself, the face of extreme danger there’s comfort in knowing that someone out there may be looking for you. This hope, that comfort can help you survive. If you find yourself in trouble, Search and Rescue can help.

Every year, thousands of lives are saved by these highly skilled volunteers. No matter the situation the terrain, no matter theWeather emergency responders are available for assistance theCall of distress They’re the reason why, even when we’re helpless, we’re not hopeless.

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I am by no means an expert in every aspect of this stuff. I plan to learn, and when possible, enlist the help of experts in various fields to come together and offer their knowledge. In a few years, I dream that this site will be a virtual survival encyclopedia and allow a total novice to come on here and be supplied with everything they need to prepare for anything.

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