What you should look for in a survival knife

what you must look for in a survival knife

It is important to have a survival kitSurvival situations in which you are vulnerable or alone can be a challenge. Your survival knife will help you get through it.| In survival situations when you are alone and vulnerable, your survival knife is your partner to accompany you everywhere and whatever you do.

You must have it in order to survive any survival challenge. To cut cordage and to make a path through the wilderness, hunt for game, and create traps to protect yourself from dangers, you will need a survival knife.

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What to look out for in a Survival Knife

The survival knife can be viewed as your lifeline during emergency situations. With a survival knife, you can do many things. These are its survival-related functions, along with the basics.

  • Dig the earth
  • A good survival knife is better than a poor one for food preparation
  • Shelter building (To survive in the wilderness, you must learn how to make shelters from any material you have available. A survival knife is your best friend.
  • Get on fire
  • As a lever tool
  • Signage
  • Hammering is possible with the pommel of a survival knife. It’s strong enough to smash things down.
  • You can use it as a basic screwdriver.

Here are some things to avoid

Understanding the key points to look out for when choosing a survival knife is essential. A double-edged knife, however elegant or efficient, is not an ideal survival tool because it has fewer functions.

This is because thrusting is preferred to the most vital survival functions like chopping or cutting. A double-edged blade is known to have a weaker point than its single-edged counterpart.

This makes it more susceptible to breaking. The survival knife’s reliability is essential. You might consider dropping the double-edged blade function. You also have the baton function.

You should also avoid fancy Rambo-style knives. These terrifying monsters aren’t called survival knives. They are assault weapons that are designed to ward predators.

They are not practical for survival and should be considered as a showpiece.

What your survival kit should includeKnife and coffee.  Foldable pocket knife and brewed coffee - a must have in a survival knife

Once you have identified the main points of what to avoid, it is now possible to focus on the essential features that make a survival knife one of the most efficient and effective.

Fixed blade functionMan prepares wood wool with hunting knife for making fire - must look for in a survival knife

It is important to note that survival knives of high quality are reliable and durable. Your main survival tool should be able to withstand the harsh outdoor environment.

These Jack knives are not good enough. These knives can be used as replacement knives but their solid blade structure makes them the best survival knives.

Smart construction is what makes this knife so great. Survival knives are stronger and more durable thanks to their full-tang function.

The plane versus jagged edge dilemmaDouble sharpened knife.  Black knife on black background - must be looked for in a survival knife

A smooth edge is essential for survival knives. A sharp edge is more effective in urban environments than a jagged one, especially when cutting synthetic material (ropes and seat belts).

This can be done using the Normal Edge function. It can be used to perform many functions. Smooth-edged blades can be sharpened anywhere. This is an advantage over serrated ones.

The shape of your bladeDamascus steel knife must look in a survival knife

As these can break easily, it is best to avoid blades that have narrow or thin tips. Think about all the things you have to do with your knife in survival conditions. The most important thing you need for survival is a strong knife that can withstand abuse as well as perform finer tasks.

A teardrop-shaped blade style is believed to be the best choice for everyone’s idea of ​​the all-round survival blade. It is better to have a slightly curved edge in the belly. This is essential when you are cutting or skinning.

Blade sizeAdventure wilderness nature Man with knife and rope in camouflage pants-Must Look for in a Survival Knife

It is essential to be a good size everywhere and every time. Survival knives should be durable enough to withstand abuse and small enough to be easily used for other smaller tasks.

For heavy duty tasks, a blade thickness of 8 inches is sufficient. However, it’s still suitable for smaller tasks. For survival mode, a blade length of 4 to 5-inches is ideal. Any other length would make it very difficult to cut wood.

The handleCamping Knife, Buhcraft Survival Knife - Must look in a survival knife

You will feel your survival knife as an extension of you hand if it has a comfortable handle. Comfortable handling is possible by using a durable handle.

Avoid hollow and plastic handles. They are not reliable. A knife with a blunt, flat edge at the end is ideal for survival in violent hammering.

The end of the dayA hunter with a knife.  Sharp, cold steel hunting weapons - what to look for in a survival knife

You get a lot more for your money when you choose a survival knife. You can forget all the fancy stuff you see on TV and in movies.

Hang your fancy movie prop knife on the wall, and you’ll be able to appreciate the simplicity of well-designed survival knives. It’s all about performance and strength.

It is important to remember that you will only be able to get through the day if you are able to function. You should always prioritize performance.

You can think of it as a faithful friend that will always be there for you. Look for proven features to make your survival knife a great one.

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